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Wednesday, 11 April 2012
According to statistic from the maritime
The processing trade increases in value the ascension of rate to not only only mean that the processing trade uses to build up to the pulling of domestic economy action, but also also reflect a nearer in the last years our country is actively pushing forward a processing trade transformation to get stripe aspect fruitful.Processing trade transformation's getting stripe is pretty much a the Jian system engineering of huge complications, the challenge that need to be replied still has a lot.In fact, because of development ability severity shortage, our country of processing trade business enterprise at whole international industry chain of each increase in value link up still be placed in low level link, as a result at develop to also impossibly and completely get away from to labor in the processing trade process intensive with additional be worth low mode.For example, the on offer Barbie doll marked price is USD 9.99, only have USD dc hats 1 in the factory prices of China, and deducts a manufacturing cost on the market in the United States, China earnings of process a fee only USD 0.35 is also.From the macroscopic point of view, a little bit ex- year of our country creates each time the general trade export of a dollar to economy of pull to 0.7 dollars, but create each time the processing trade export of a dollar to economy of pull but only 0.3 dollars.
The second half of 2008 starts, along with the explosion of international financial crisis, the outside from international market needs to be atrophied, the our country processing trade development also met an unprecedented difficulty, and the processing trade import and export of 2009 total significantly descends 13.7%.However, return now overdo come to see, met at that time of international financial crisis also exactly become push forward the processing trade transformation gets stripe of chance.Many business enterprises that are engaged in processing trade exactly made use of an international financial crisis to result in international industry chain the opportune moments that decide more crack, further excellent turn to export a merchandise of structure, raise the additional value and technique content of exporting the merchandise, to a large extent carried out the empresses of using the oneself to deliver an advantage challenge in the international market of preempt advantage.Certainly, the oneself of processing trade business enterprise is hard not enough, besides which, , support of the nation is to have to close an important function.The policy should to the process of international financial crisis matched with to need and stabilize to outside need inside the national extension at helping a processing trade business enterprise, the related section actively pushes forward for the domestic sale convenience of processing trade to turn, among them include maritime customs further simplified processing trade for the domestic sale procedure, allow prestige good of allied net business enterprise'many times for the domestic sale, declare at a time', and can at for the domestic sale be month inside concentrate to carry out for the domestic sale declare a procedure.Is formal to adopt the livability of a series of means exaltation processing trade business enterprise and rise to help a business enterprise realization because of the nation'stay green mountain at'of effect, our country the processing trade is after stabilizing in the international economic situation develop also therefore the delay effect is hundred percent, the processing trade business enterprise can depend on an oneself of'Jie foot'at international on the market'ascend first'.In 2010, our country processing trade import and export the sum compared to increase 27.3% last year, among them, the processing trade export increased 26.2%, the processing trade import increased 29.5%.
Go into a life time 10 in the last yearses, our country of processing trade development power the head is good, don't develop processing trade Be no longer problem, but how better development processing trade is the focus that is the worthest to pay attention to, especially want industry safety, environmental protection, industrial upgrading, develop aspects like ability,etc as the point that raises processing trade whole level.Currently, the processing trade of the our country the development is extending with excesssive dependence amount of thick put mode gradually and go gradually and far, but with exaltation processing trade level of the request then gradually go gradually near.However, see the position of place from the our country divided the work in the international industry nowadays, get away from is at the international industry chain of'smile curve'low level position, the development of processing trade in the future still need to face many challenges to need to be replied, but the most effective way will enlarge the strength that the processing trade transformation gets stripe.
Although go into a life time for our country the development of the processing trade contained the function to open widely path, at after WTO ages 10 years behind, go into a life time to our country development the system bonus brought by processing trade be to a large extent well NFL hats scooped out.Currently, the shadow of international financial crisis hasn't completely got rid of, the Europe debt crisis, beautiful debt crisis also to a large extent spreads to an our country to the negative effect that economy in the world brings of processing trade development process.Know to all, Wenzhou is the gathering of our country processing trade industry concentrated, and parts of processing trade business enterprise funds chains in Wenzhou in the near future split although speculate with real estate, civil usury etc. not the management behavior of norm Be not irrelevant to fasten,to a large extent is also closely related with international environment recession in exterior in the market.Isn't difficult to see, in the future how higher point of departure's ascending the transformation of promoting the our country processing trade to get stripe is the realistic problem of importance, therefore, need at'transform'with'get stripe'the aspects all want to work hard for to obtain new breakthrough.

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