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Monday, 16 April 2012
The virtual economy and real object economy

The virtual economy and real object economy escapes from various reason.More universal is the obligation can not cash, should money returning still don't come out.There was still a piece of money to use twice, 'one female two marry'.This is the in common use financial industry lever to enlarge function, it can raise the use efficiency of funds.But the multiple enlarging is more high, the risk is also more high.If two persons who spend money want to use that a piece of money at the same time, 'one female two marry'of the troubles will expose.But as long as the risk controls well, the matter like this takes place all to lead very low.Strictly speak, New Gucci Sunglasses break contract or'knock down'of the matter will take place every day, but the scale is very small, can't result in a financial crisis.Because of the reason of a certain macro view economy, make large numbers of case simultaneous withs of defaults, the crisis became now.This is what we want to prevent°fro.

  China on the allocation of money have a huge potential don't develop.On the other hand the bank carries out a super low interest rate, but the small and medium enterprises can not lend money from the bank and have to lend usury, the interest leads Gao Dao's 50%, even 80%.This proves that the funds install it's not appropriate.Should move to the place of high interest to money of the low interest and use.More money get into the place of high interest, the funds supply ample, the interest rate will descend.The end is an interest the market in the rate to turn.It is been efficiencies by allocation funds in the market to tallestly spend money a method.So we want to strongly develop conjecture economy, raise the use efficiency of the whole money and thing and create more wealths.

  Opposing the usury is another example that doesn't know how the financial industry create the wealth.The interest led high elucidation money to exert it to use and had no new era caps reason to forbid it.Yes, we don't approve usury as well, but exterminate an usurious method isn't to forbid it just, but encourage that everyone lends money at high interest.Funds of capital market ample, the interest rate will descend naturally.Regrettable is our anti- usury is used wrong method.More is to forbid, the person who lend money at high interest is more little, interest rate more high.

  I believe thousands have a deposit person in the bank, take 3% more interest, will would like to change to lend money at high interest.If all do like this, the interest of the usury rate descend, the wealth creation of more important whole societieses biggest increased, because put to lend money earned by money and kind food earned is same, all similar can buy to any merchandise.Money earned by financial industry and other service industries is an all wealthy creation, not is to exploit, not also a beguilement.see more:The growth has to be steady
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