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Friday, 20 April 2012
Since consume growth thus quick
End, many merchandises still limit to buy of row, this is to inside need a counter-evidence of shortage.In 2012, the great majority city still will practice a limit to buy a policy to the housing, the limit bought a policy to not only repress a housing need, but also repress housing- related adornment to repair, the need of furniture building materials etc..Buy to make to also continue to practice in some center cities to the limit of car in addition.
 Since consume growth thus quick, and some merchandises still need to depend on limit to buy to solve a need over hot problem, that why we still have been thinking'consume Atlanta Braves Hats need shortage'?The reasons in it nothing but has 3:One is with investment'lead hot'compare, consume always'opposite lead cold';Two is compared with the consumption contribution rate of foreign flourishing nation, the consumption contribution of the our country the rate and consumption level about want 20-30 low percentage points, still obviously low;Three is continuously sexual inflation and parts of people's livelihood price of articles to soar and also consumedly weaken the residents' actual purchasing power, this is to cause the domestic consume not enough of one of the important reasons.Tally up, its basic cause was lying in an income allotment system to appear deviation.The income is a consumer decisive factor, majority of people income level not Gao and allotment margin extension, is cause gross demand opposite shortage of most key reason.
 Is exactly also as it does, every year necessarily lifts of need inside the extension policy because of always the solution can not assign system reform to make material progress in the income and take effect not to show Zhao as a result.In fact, the key problem of China be not inside need shortage.If ever, inside need shortage is also only an idea just.The key sticking point of its back is the distortion that lies in an income polarized sunglasses allotment system, lie in how government, business enterprise is let toward the worker benefit, lie in how carry out to hide is richer than the people's basic target.
 Therefore, the macroscopic economic policy practices, have to attain the core and essence that can hold tight a problem, can not replace with the misty general concept, so just can precisely the fixed position macro view adjust to control of target and task.Induce, need inside the so-called extension in fact should accurately express for:Extend residents to consume, repress government consumption;Extend a folks investment, limit and norm government investment and state-owners enterprise investment.Need the core contents of policy and mainly put forth effort a point inside the only accurate confidence extension, so as to make the policy well develop it at promote the positive effect of economic development, then avoid policy mistake and policy invalid result.

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