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Sunday, 22 April 2012
This is in the world some people's destining
This is in the world some people's destining is an economics but living and admire is an one of them especially.He was born in England in 1948, several year agos joined American nationality.In 1969, he acquires mathematics B.A. degree in British Cambridge university king's college, this lay firm mathematics foundation for him.While studying at university, the interest happened to him to the economics, hence turn to offend economics, and acquire an economics master degree in British China Wei university in 1972.The 70's in 20th century isn't only the Buy Kansas Royals New Era Hat gold periods of capitalisms development but also an economics development of gold period.It, the risk makes policy new branch of tiny view economicses, such as economics and business enterprise theory...etc. of theory, game theory and information to grow profusely and quickly a sort to flow out now, but American tops such as Harvard, MIT, Princeton and Stanford University etc. correct is these newly arisen academicses of headquarter.Hence, 1972 admires especially cross Atlantic, arrive at American Princeton university to attend school, and acquire an economics Ph.D. degree after two years.The Doctor admires to return to England again especially after graduating and serves as a lecturer in the Essex university.For college parties the economist but speech is the key periods that a person decides its academic standing for Doctor several years after graduatings.Is young of admire a Doctor especially after wholesale sunglasses graduating of at a stretch announced on the magazines such as international top-class QJE, RES and JET etc. six in three years concerning incompletely the excellent thesis of the market and financial market well balanced, expose Zheng Rong in the academic circles beginning.His academic prestige also ship rises with the tide, only changes employment the Cambridge university Qiu Ji college of Er after for a year.Six the middle of the years after, he continues to study the connector problem on the financial market, and study haphazardly a monopoly competition theory.1979 is to admire a key within academic career is a year especially.In this year, he found out the most in the whole life of research colleague space professor Luo Si Man, a mathematics finance learns a house, now is University of Pennsylvania fertile college of commerce professor.Is also in the this year, because of admire especially outstanding announce a record, the year is only 31-year-old he wins an election to calculate for the world economy academic association academician.Calculate economy academic association the academician is the tallest academic honor, acquire Chinese people's economist of this unusual honor still currently not arrive 10.In 1981, admire be especially directly invited as a full professor by economic college in London, jumped an associate professor.In 1984, admire visit in M.I.T. see more:How to remould a core value
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