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Wednesday, 25 April 2012
Make a fresh start classic economics to obtain
Make a fresh start classic economics to obtain a domination position since, especially 70's in 20th century logic substantial evidence doctrine predominance economics of research thinking, more and more of the economist fall overboard for a particular guide gradually on the supposition that next make the mathematics of form logic to deduce or make the substantial evidence of twig end stanza to analyze under the theory frame of the lately classic economics, this kind of research mindset because of excesssive of abstract turn and cause of theory and reality appear to space out day by day of become disjointed, can not also with accuracy make an estimate to the social economic phenomenon thus, to society practice carry on instruction;After experiencing a series of failure, the modern and essential economics is on the contrary straight-tempered the find joy in one's own way is in the ivory tower of logic game, and define the function of economics San Diego Padres Adjustable for carry on an explanation to the social economic phenomenon.Though this kind of'ivory tower'the research of type lack realistic application, but some economists not only don't do to profoundly introspect, on the contrary with ego circulation logic of mathematics justice etc. for lend to speak in defence of this kind of present condition, and economy research see as construct with realistic irrelevant art;Thus, the economics is seen to an art gradually rather than science, what it pursued is logical careful and the daintiness of form.In fact, in the current economics research, not only according to the mathematics model of reasonableness the art turn day by day, and according to experience of calculate a substantial evidence the art also turn day by day, what it pursued is an abstract is some in the in great quantities complicated factor of measure because of changing and from changed to measure, is passing the analysis of regression'conceive outline' one seem authentic story.Obviously, the modern and essential economics seems to be just to go to help Ci's fantasy in 《Ode on a Grecian Urn 》 in the Jian:Beautiful be true, really be beautiful;This is that you know in the world of and should know of everything.[2]
Problem BE, economic educational circles this art turn currently of have the research mindset already indeed as expected promoted us to the cognizing of social economy phenomenon?It resulted in again to the development of economics this academics how of variety?Even it brings again to the economist what influence?Obviously, this global economic crisis gave us direct sharp warning,
《economist 》 magazine of England writes a way in an article in mid- June, 2009:'Almost have no among all economic foams that are stabbed to break what than the broken and more sublime reputation of the Gucci Sunglass economics oneself.Several year agos, science of this tediousness ever Be to a kind of method that included to waited more mankind's behavior to provide an explanation from drug trade to sumo nelson but was subjected to acclaim.Wall Street also the one who arrives to search game theoretician and option model to set up in the best university.And in various satge, the economics is also thought to far trust than the worther politician.John.McCain once played trick to say, that[V 1] of beautiful allied kept a chairman orchid.Grillage Si Pan is a such indispensability, with the result that once he died, president should‘Prop up him, put on one vice- black glasses& rsquo for him;', But, 'is awakenned by the economic disaster of 80 biggest in the last yearses, the reputation of the economics was subjected to important stroke.In the public brain, a proud occupation has already been devaluated to suppress, though the economist still keeps being placed in the center of policy issue-such as the United States of originally.Bo Nan Ke or Lawrence.Sa Mo Si or the Mo text of England.Gold-their pronouncements have already been subjected to a doubt more than the past.This occupation is also serious to be subjected to compunction and grudge.'[3] obviously, this economic crisis again causes our research thinking to the modern and essential economics and method mindset to launch to introspect.

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