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Wednesday, 25 April 2012
Develop a company to immediately take ground
On the market nowadays, develop a company to immediately take ground usually is can not the earnings be all looking forward to the future of land and revaluing to obtain repay.Time exchanges space, in the real estate on the market, a development company sometimes takes ground after quick opening, quick opening quotations sale, also can not compare with a slowly long development to get worthwhile, labor-saving and the profits is high.So will produce to cherish the NBA Hats phenomenon of selling the Wu dish, because sell quickly to still rather sell do it slowly make money.
The land public finance became the support that the local government relies for existence, currently in the our country county City, the land offers for sale the specific weight that the gold has budget outside public finance income already more than 50%, there are parts of regions even having above 80%.
The many people says that the land public finance kidnap local government.Public finance irregularity in the land is very big, the costliness ground often is clapped, pushes Gao building price, at the same time, a great deal of funds also flowed into the public finance platform of local government from the real economy and resulted in to go bad corruption repeatedly deliver, repressed a real economy investment.In the construction cost of the real estate, only handed over to governmental expenses to occupy many 60%.Remember 2009 year-ends, the chairman of committee He of the National Peoples Congress finance and economics committee pair professor Keng puts forward'the land of rules local government offer for sale all of the baseball sunglasses golds to return central public finance'of suggestion, hope to lend the problem of this solution land public finance in the place to fight Gao Fang Jia.
But, if canning not find out to act for the place public finance that public finance source in the place or hard change cent tax system brings is difficult, obviously can not overcome the impulse of public finance in the local government land.
Result in this parts of reason of the situation, is 1994 of cent tax system reform.After reforming, public finance source in the place is seriously weakened, the urbanization construction that can depend on land public finance to support a rapid development of in everyplace of the Ji due-out economy in the exhibition place.With cent tax system reform ex- compare, public finance income in the place descended 30%.When the public finance income descends, local government wants the matter power undertaking don't correspond decrease, this directly caused the cent tax system reform after the inconformity of local government matter power and wealth power.

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If one day we are old have no depend on

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