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Tuesday, 1 May 2012
Some experts in the Chinese agency section
If the common people of these dociles didn't believe in his speech at that time, , probably have been already concluded'resided to have its house'of fine wishes.Seduce into wrong doing a speech at them under, people's an Augustinian of time of docile, change come of is the disappointment of a time.Several year agos can buy three of money can buy just now a , but buy two of Qian Zhi can buy a toilet.Hence, these step an empty from those early years they of iron pole cellophane noodles, became the accusationses of end.In those early years with the morals go on expedition come suddenly and leisurely the common people's person, already drive history verification, is just that 1 smile to anticipate.But, at that time they Gao voice like Gao Yin's trumpet, only and perhaps whole country not knew theirs'correct fortune-teller best sunglasses result', used morals advantage as curtain, for according to the objective fact predict of building price also keep on soaring of reality, carry on violent of invade, the fact was to cover up don't live, those took no cognizance fact, the wild diagram depended induce speech attain have other intention of purpose, finally drive the big car of regulation in the market, the Nian pressed of smash.
Although the Chinese real estate market is to some extent that being subjected to the influence that the administration interferes, stage appeared an abnormality phenomenon,wanted to keep the existence of market, regulation in the market certainly is such as'the green mountain hide not to live, after all the east flows to go'.We while treating a real estate market to carry on an estimate, most hate true circumstance in the regardless of market, without restraint reading, the agency section hospital unexpectedly still soars building price to return to knot for the obstruction of interest group, this typical model of is intentionally evade main antinomy.Not thus objective circumstance in the reading market, finally hurt of be still the real participant of market, there are also more innocent NFL Jerseys & hats common people.Sweet talk type publicizes, is the enemy of biggest investor.The enticing soup of these infusions is so many in the last yearses, those sad herbal medicines that step an empty, at hallucinogenic in but would not like to see a true circumstance, once someone speaks a true circumstance, if these people lose to test the Hao of Bi type call erupt roaring of an exasperation, but the reasonableness finally wins not- rational, the fact pegged out true and deceitful.
The wretches are being subjected to a fool of to still just defend for the others, but for real wrong or the person of true circumstance, then Jie Si bottom inside of misinterpret and insult and humiliate, is exactly because of these people's existence, make originally very clear real estate market, be made at present one regiment dirty mire, the Hun is muddy not pure, have already made profound insight obscure to have no light, the morals goes on expedition to without restraint walk sideways.The building price is these matters, still want reasonableness a point, a little bit more realistic, so as to truely know-this market reality and fallacy. 
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Posted by terminalcables at 9:09 PM EDT

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