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Tuesday, 22 May 2012
Appear a competition for the very first time

The gold Chen was brave to be born in Korea in December, 1959 of capital city Seoul, move to the United States with the family at the age of 5, acquire a Ph.D. degree in medical college in Harvard University in 1991.The gold Chen is brave in July, 2009 and serves as to reach especially Mao president in the college of Si is also an evergreen rattan alliance first Asian president within college.

  2004-2006 years, the gold Chen is brave to serve as a supervisor in the moxa Zi disease prevention and cure of World Health Organization section.Before, he once served as the adviser of World Health Organization general manager.

  If have no the gold Chen of obvious party groupings attribute brave finally acquire a life time line of the mens sunglasses Executive Director will pass and become the term go long, will go a high personnel frame for a life time to bring fresh air, will also give from now on a life time go long select to bring a new possibility.


  The analytical personage points out that the Ao axes wave and Yi Wei to pull to constitute a strong challenge to American candidate, this is a life time goes history top for the very first time appear developing country and the United States to nominate a candidate'cluster English meeting'of situation.

  American the bag of wisdom organization south of chairman from development center in world is rare-Bo Suo Er say, the United States slow down declares a candidate and opens window way for other candidates.'The first time will appear a competition, or say the meaning that having at least is a kind of to hard competes.The realization chooses excellent, open and transparent only exit is a competition.'

  According to the unspoken usual practice, the American serves as a life time to go long, the European serves as the chief executive officer of International Monetary Fund.But the recent years emerging economies Cheap Armani Sunglasses rise and break the noise of shouting that the Europe and America control two outline jobs to strengthen more strong.

  Last year, a life time went 187 member's countries to reach unanimously, decided that adopting is transparent and chose the excellent way selected new line of long.But go a vote mechanism according to a life time, the United States owns single biggest vote specific weight and anticipates support that can also acquire European nation and Japan, the United States recommends of the candidate still keep being the candidate who probably wins an election most . see more:Consideration in the United States exert
Power in the Spanish desire deprival

Posted by terminalcables at 9:03 PM EDT
Keeping pure heat of Yin is the best of a cultivate flowers
Liliaceous carriage beautiful, colorful beautiful, it plant erection, the leaf is like Cui bamboo, follow the caulis round living, usually each caulis a flower, take in the white green, form trumpet, Doll is horizontal, carriage excrescent daintiness, can spew an unclear You joss-stick, possess'cloud clothes pretty woman'of good reputation.
 Is an our country tradition of appreciate flower, liliaceous have been deeply being subjected to people's great fame, such as Su east the younger brother, poet Su Zhe of the ascent once had a poem way:'The mountain Dan gets womens sunglasses spring rain, the gorgeous color shines on a court in addition to.This article what once count, beautiful flowers from not equal to.'Come to laud the nobility of bulb of lily and cultured.
 But at west nation, liliaceous equally and rather negative great reputation.Clear person, Wang Xiang Jin,'s
《beautiful flowers table 》 once said while introducing bulb of lily:'All the wave country has no Jia Qiang and takes this as a food.'All wave country wine actually is which nation, we can not know, however is liliaceous is the symbol that is been a sanctity to praise in 《Holy Bible 》 , because it is said that is second to be be subjected to temptation of the snake, stole to eat to forbid a fruit but be expeled Garden of Eden with Eve.The Eve doesn't already is regretfuleply, flow descend sorrow of tears.The tears falls to the ground behind namely change into pure fragrance of liliaceous.
 But in the French's eyes, liliaceous is the symbol of ancient royal house power.It is said that France and one king gram when the Luo Wei baptize God uses liliaceous to his wedding present, afterwards French afterwards French factitiousness Be in remembrance of first ancestor, have been a tiny country pattern the bulb of lily since 12th century and see it to spend for being bright with freedom of symbolizing combining for the country.
 Liliaceous is quite good Chinese medicine, have to tranquilize the nerves to adjust pure heart of spirit, smooth lung and solve Yu to open the effect of stomach.
 The Chinese are been used an idiom to describe to call'joys and sorrows', sad what come, sad from Women Gucci Sunglasses leave.Being so-called to leave is a separation, or then loses.From leave but living of sad is a kind of sad, the rashness is crazy, unsteady emotion.That how come to alleviate this unsteady emotion, the Chinese medicine says that the human body is an atmosphere field, so the emotion is unsteady to also need to be adjusted'spirit'.In fact can can also adjust from' the joys and sorrows' this idiom'spirit'of method, that be'match', 'match'but joys.Although in the life have no so many'match'of the scene can let people from'sad'turn'happy'(otherwise also can't always BE'sad'), a lot of take'match'word of thing also ability to some extent rise similar of effect.

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Obama signs Chinese business enterprise of new JOBS

Posted by terminalcables at 1:48 AM EDT
Friday, 18 May 2012
European fire wall expands to permit forthcoming

Four very short insides, Spain heavy get a freshman?

  The market closely pays attention to a wealth long meeting

  In fact, Spanish deficit condition has never taken place basic sex variety.However, expand to permit acquired important breakthrough in this period fire wall.

  According to know, on March 26 German chancellor Mo gram the Er once admitted that Spain and the bond market of Portugal expressed for several weeks extremely recently sensitive and flimsiness.Mo gram Er allusion, Germany governs of the CDU main member have already reached on that very day unified the opinion help fund EFSF and permanent sex of temporary sex to help fund ESM to circulate at the same time.Be subjected to this influence, Spanish decade expected national debt rate of cheap oakley sunglasses return to descend 1.82%.

  Mo gram the speech of the Er lay the foundation for German position change.Report according to clear mirror weekly magazine in Germany, Germany expands to permit financial fire wall to contain two kinds of choices, then merge two salvage funds(Europe stability mechanism ESM and Europe financial stability fund EFSF) attain EUR 700,000,000,000 scale, and let two salvage fund parallelism movement expands to permit to reform into EUR 940,000,000,000 further, and then for guard against Spanish thus of huge economy explosion the risk is more effective.

  Remarkable BE, German chancellor Mo gram the Er don't make commitment towards constructing fire wall scale, mean that the fire wall chooses what way expand to permit an existence rift.

  Through match to organize general secretary AngelGurria appeals on Tuesday, EU should extend the financial fire wall scale New PRADA Sunglasses of the region to an euro to remould confidence in the market at least.

  According to understand, the fire wall expands to permit and the country economy growths, such as Spain and Portugal...etc. will be the main point of this week five wealth in Copenhagen long meetings.

  To this, gold stone futures researcher, Liu Yi Qing, tell 《everyday economic news 》 , the obligation crises of Ireland, Greece all expressed, only till the time of extremely urgent the euro area would make greatest efforts to rescue the nation of sinking into the crisis.This time also can't exception.Only be Spanish situation worsens to get close to default of time, Germany would accept to expand to permit into EUR 940,000,000,000 of decision.So far still not when the time comes.see more:The high school things of the past
Take what rescue you

Posted by terminalcables at 8:51 PM EDT
Thursday, 17 May 2012
Re-collect to be used to so much

The bookcase of the office inside, the dingdong once usually turned over to read of a few books dazed in the corner quietly.The bookcase that has no earnest sorting office for a long time, unexpectedly have a kind of very unfamiliar felling.Those precious books for doing not want to put it away, those accumulate over a long period of study notes, those beautiful album of paintingses that collect with quiet attention, how seem to be for a century without getting in touch with?Write a diary every day, excerpt a beautiful writing every day, insist beating volleyball, badminton every day and insist jumping aerobics every day and work best sunglasses well a work record every day ……too manily well habit, don't know the when to rise is gradually thin to forget, gradually keep off.The professional lesson teaching work captured all of my reading times, a great deal of reference, a great deal of of assistance teaching material, for making oneself truely become an employable teacher, I continuously create my own teaching image and teaching style;Complicated work and busy life also let the youth that I gave up ever float in the sky, every day in the unit and house of rush, where still have what oneself control of time?Guide kid's homework and cook a meal to do dishes, do laundry to wipe ground, belonging to own time can statistics with second;Odd moment, also wants to calm down to lightly order a mouse by the side of the computer and wanders about unhurriedly in each big website and browses beautiful writing to let the mood relax.Poet Goethe once said:The life road is endless, but the important place only has several steps.Famous educator Sir Ye Sheng Tao once said:"What is educate?In a brief be develop a habit."The philosopher bacon says:"The habit is really stubborn but huge strength, it can dominate life".The habit is the Coach Sunglasses On Sale detail for accumulating over a long period, is the point that molds us intravenous drop drop, those ever good habit, achieved me today calmly and thin settle, also molded tinkling character.Habitually respect, habitually study, habitually feel grateful, habitually cherish, habitually forgive ……make us appreciate too manily and very habitually!"Sow seeds a kind of conviction, harvest a kind of activity;Sow seeds a kind of activity, harvest a kind of habit;Sow seeds a kind of habit, harvest a kind of personality;Sow seeds a kind of personality, harvest a kind of destiny."Good habit, let us be subjected to a benefit endless.Let we re-collected to once have of well habit, chiseled and carved a living detail, continuously perfect oneself, molded oneself.Habitually smile, life will requite fascinating to you.

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How attain qualities beautiful

Posted by terminalcables at 8:58 PM EDT
Wednesday, 16 May 2012
Does the rich old woman still keep taking an old woman
There was public affairs last night, came home late.An enter a girl again past skill heavy, darkly win a burst of and pure fragrance mentally refreshing, bright light after, two pay beautiful champagne rose display at me in the moment, the girl embraces each other me to say:Mother your pain!Press the girl's parlance:Know I like a flower and save some pocket money to me to buy once every half month.The sun for the first time flower, for the second time baseball sunglasses carnation, this time change champagne rose.The reason is your birthday to receive to spend so more, champagne rose that has no willing to give up send a person, so you affirmation like this.Touched remaining, wanting schooling begins of today the diary didn't°yet contents, take girl of five minute time, have ulterior motives ground to ask:Does the school have no matter today?The girl is satisfied with my very much active inquire, happily say:"I won the reward point of mathematics lesson today!"The reward orders this phrase, I return be really first hear, is them lovely of the unprecedented undertaking of mathematics famous master peanut, what homework write have a class well last of good, answer to answer good etc., can win the peanut teacher's reward point, Zan many, can go to the supermarket in the class Armani Polarized Sunglasses change to buy good thing.The girl immediately after says:"Teacher said our another classmate today and said that you see all of your surroundingseses are what rich men enrich an old woman, aren't you worried either?The much diligent Zheng orderses!"I hurriedly ask:"Are you a rich old woman?"The girl has a little ashamed, but still keep saying very peacefully:"I also can not remember how to check, but I promise that I ain't a negative old woman!"Really hope that the girl becomes old woman in Ta-f earlier!see more:200 dollars money of disappearing

Posted by terminalcables at 11:10 PM EDT
Tuesday, 15 May 2012
See one NBA net brigade field

Know to all, the NBA match field side is usually that the star is popular appears and disappears in groups of place, the stars not only only come to see ball, more is take NBA as own show field. To talk about the main field that the star ties a heap affirmation wanted to count the Si Tan Pu Si of person's brigade in the lake center first.However, be located in the Ni gram of New York Si and the main field of the net brigade field the side is usually also each kind of stars to patronize of place.In fact remove a Ni gram the Er Sen and SpikeLee is this iron pole fan, much popular emergence is true of and see ball irrelevant.The gossip not much says that see this match quarter so far appear a field the side is at the net brigade of those best sunglasses are popular.Just won the main pitcher of Yang radicle in New York brigade of world champion:CC SabathiaThe Comedian of comedians: Chris Rock black and Fan Fan Wang's brigade little owner:The Jay-Z space Lai the United States gets the prize Hip-Hop old-brand combination:Naughty By Nature Ni gram the super fan of the Si:Lee of Spike(interesting is a whole body Ni gram the Si attire of SpikeLee take on that day the son comes to see of is a net brigade to the lake person's game-make a special trip to pay tribute Kobe.Probably took a record slice with Kobe Kobe Doin Work he also became person in the lake's fan after:)Now red hair purple RB singer of the United States:Trey the middleweight boxing champion of the Songz world time, keep to complete victory up to now:(40)Floyd Joy Mayweather, Jr.Pan a kind of jade cypress(because of network reason, the part of local fan probably can not directly register a net brigade official site, if can not register to please to register NBA English official site first as usual-choice Teams-choice NJNets-get into the net brigade Chinese official site)

Street in Peking:The car pares off the murder case that the Ceng causes

A model for others of China, Peking is also evolving for Chinese temper's most fierce city.Drive in Peking, very wholesale sunglasses small car's paring off Ceng incredibly will turn into violent conflict.Recently, met a murder case that was touched by the very small car Ke to cause on the avenue of Peking.Fortune upon to pare off Ceng, not and mutually let with each other imminent, with swords unsheathed and bows drawn in close combat, murder case's forthcoming Peking is becoming the car city of China, the car amount that increases every day wants to line up a quite a few precinct chief, the government is also executing forcibly weekly little drive a day car.But if be drive a person,do not know to drive civilization, don't understand a little gentle respectful Jian to let, we live of the city may deteriorate into the original bush of reinforced concrete again.Whose fist hard who.

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English method virtuous idea west dint pretty American

Posted by terminalcables at 8:59 PM EDT
Friday, 11 May 2012
Give a new life to search fox four wars
We would rather expect to put a little bit much lowerly, if search fox in four wars slightly in of whichever realm, for example video frequency, take down a no 1, all be good enough to let the city value turns over 100%, a sweep old two shadowses of thousand yearses.
In 1.0 ageses, searched fox to once depend firm of follow strategy, quite goodly cut to get.The other people make gate, he also makes gate, the other people make a game, and he also makes a game.
So, 2.0 ages, is the follow strategy still effective?
Obviously suffered a certain challenge, otherwise Zhang Chao Yang can't put, either an again of the mountain power, can't discount sunglasses spread his to give a new life to search fox, either of'four war slightly'.The capital market seems equal match Zhang Chao Yang's new strategy also, search fox stock price recently one to soar up.
Moving Internet, social intercourse network and electronic commerce explosion is unclearly bringing about lately a revolution of Chinese Internet, Teng Xun 100 degree in Ba Ba's triumvirate stand together of structure and form in the market, will can't re- shuffle cards?
Always the follow searches fox why from the place, do its four wars slightly have a drama?
We come to see 2.0 strategies that it think greatly of most first, the core is a social intercourse network and tiny Bo.
Is positive such as we see, search fox in the sns realm, from the chinaren in earlier period, arrive white society, to now of tiny Bo, can say always in effort, but hasn't been having achievements.A characteristics of Best Oakley Sunglasses 2.0 products is that the winner eat, it is can hardly for follow to show results and make tiny Bo now and fall in the rear of Sina on the opportune moment, if has no cutthroat class that the differences turns and apply, rush through super Sina, the difficulty isn't general big.
Come to see a game again.Game business, the follow strategy is to have a drama, because of customer's experience that each game provides, hand over to relate to with each other is all different.Now enjoy a trip to in the game business second army corps in have already had leading position, but the Teng Xun of first army corps, easy net and grand all own deeply rooted advantage, enjoy a trip to and think from the second army corps sneak into first army corps and challenge also not is general big.

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Posted by terminalcables at 10:29 PM EDT
Thursday, 10 May 2012
Make the business of person's despair more
The knowledge member that I like is since can'look up at star sky', also the ability feet are nearby dependable, pay attention to of matter.So, make track for ideal at me, Be chattering without stopping the time of discussing the democracy freedom and doing not neglect the problem in the reality.As long as there being opportunity, my head quarter to solve reality in of some matters'point a hand painting feet'.
Concerning'spring luck'I fitted hats once wrote a quite a few article article.Although I have already hardly been subjected to'spring luck'of bitterness, to'the spring carry'of memory, and my kin friend annually still in the repeated situation, still keep making me can not let go'spring luck'.
'Spring luck'can alleviate, can not thoroughly solve, this is a fact.Even if the Europe and America wait a country, also having no a nation truely can solve'spring luck'-Christmas, New Year long leave purchase the ticket difficult problem, but because the somebody else handles on the tickets better, avoided unjust matter occurrence as far as possible, hence, also little complaint.
The foundation been originally suggesting this year up, I put forth a viewpoint again, that be in the solid system after practicing, can even sell for a year six months in advance'spring luck'train ticket, scatter a spring luck to sell a pressure, encourage that everyone plans agenda in advance, railroad section can also according to one the selling of in the last years is a circumstance, arrange a spring luck extra train etc..Although this suggestion can not increase train passenger transportation quantity,can alleviate'spring luck'sell molestation and disorder that concentration brings.This after suggesting, at a reader of railroad section work immediately the hair come to mail and say that this completely can go and also hope dior Sunglasses Discount that I understand a foreign circumstance further.They will study, and the opportunity to seek hands in a report for railroad department.
I this viewpoint also stick at blog up, a lot of Bo friends mean that this is the good idea, and the warmhearted net friend put forward some worry in uncertainties, including the place that they don't understand.In order to having the quite a few the blog, the message is also more, general of Bo text I don't all not see message.But this I look into one by one, be for seeing the reader have what suggestion and problem, I took a problem to go and see foreign travel agency, the claim answers and also synthesized some problems to give out Guangzhou of three farmer work reader, ask them to help me at surroundings of carry on a questionnaire in the peasant worker, in order to perfect suggestion.

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Have no rules

Posted by terminalcables at 8:53 PM EDT
Wednesday, 9 May 2012
Chinese type welfare
However, we are so enjoying low electricity price'Chinese type welfare'of at the same time, still let we to see foreign residents is how live at'water and scorching fire'in of, let we to see how the foreign residents' income is, we also talk by data:
The statistics suggests that 2010 the middle of the year, the village residents person of country all pure income is 5919 dollars, Chinese town residents whole year person the all controllable income is 19109 dollars.Take hair to change Wei to enumerate to give or get an electric shock higher United States of price to compare, in 2010 American all income is USD 50,000,polarized sunglasses equal CNY is 320,000 dollars, a Chinese town residents whole year person 16 times that of all controllable income is a Chinese village the all pure income of residents person of 50 much and doubly.But electricity price in the United States don't go to China to give or get an electric shock 2 times that of price.The hair changes the electricity price tallest Denmark that the Wei enumerates, in 2010 Dane all GDP is USD 28900, the world ranks the 12th, but Chinese all GDP is USD 4700, the world ranks the 127th, Dane all GDP compare much more Chinese 600% many, but give or get an electric shock price however compare much more Chinese 400%.
Take to give or get an electric shock price and our look like Mexico to say, 2010, the Mexican family after inflation adjustment average quarter degree income is 34936 pesos, the Mexican home annual income is USD 11920, the equivalence CNY over 70,000 dollars, but Chinese family?2010 whole year town residents the person of the family all the gross earnings is 21033 dollars, Mexican residents' family income is that 3 times that of Chinese residents family is many, but the residents give or get an electric shock price just than many mlb snapback USD 0.03 in China.This is Chinese residents and foreign residents' income margin.
In recent years, a lot of sections like'data'testify, prove Chinese residents with this compare foreign residents'happiness', but, what they took out is usually an unilateral data, they compare with abroad to give or get an electric shock price and compare oil price, than the words fee is unlike residents' income.Take to give or get an electric shock price to compare with somebody else, we are undoubtedly happy, but take income to compare with somebody else, we are the undoubtedly the most unfortunate!
Therefore, please deliver to change the Wei is announcing to give or get an electric shock price lowestly at the same time, also please deliver to change Wei announcement for a while Chinese residents and foreign residents income contrast, exactly whose price of article Gao, who the most happy, believe a to see and then know.

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The biggest misunderstanding lies in

Posted by terminalcables at 9:24 PM EDT
Tuesday, 8 May 2012
Hong Kong colonial government uses the land including rights
Hong Kong colonial government uses the land including rights, such as rent, mortgage and alienation...etc. power to sell to user in the land to extort a large amount of land income.Cautiously consider, colonial government of so adopt the reason of such policy to exactly lie in British lend-lease Hong Kong but don't own Hong Kong.The colonial government offers for sale a land to use power in fact is at a time is inside the segment rent land, but this land is actually Chinese cheap sunglasses government to let to British.British is equal to to be turning to rent, the benefits for leasing but return oneself all rather than China.This equal to colonial government adoption systemizes form in order to stir-fry ground to stir-fry a building to provide law support, have intention to encouragement and stimulate the rise of real estate foam.
The skill of British is an opium, a land all alone.For extorting Chinese, two hands all want to grasp, two hands all have to be hard.Result, taking the Yi and the foreign firm as the representative's English capital regiment is Hong Kong's biggest land to own, among them Yi and foreign firm at two monopolized Hong Kong real estate before the wars 70% or so property.
The essence of the colony accomplishes the colony policy of Hong Kong, while the colony policy accomplished the Gao Fang Jia and highland price of Hong Kong again.Regret of BE, many in the last yearses, but the land public finance of a lot of of our local governments shines on to move Hong Kong.In this case, the local government inevitably has pass'management city' Buy Boston RedSox New Era Hat accomplish Gao Fang Jia and highland price of impulse.
The problem lies in, this colony experience is always all that the short date is beneficial to is harmful over a long period of time.In surging forward with great momentum endless history in China, in addition to receiving a dollar to colonize political power, have never a political power don't hope his/her own the unification river's lake, a thousand years is 10000.Originator, it has no behind?In those early years Hong Kong colony empirical land policy's shining on the decision maker of moving the mainland is really nearsighted be able to, the rat eyes inch only has already been not enough to describe it asininity, we think and shine on to move colony experience spring village is from is more unique than history, from is more unique than a nation, from is more unique than descendant posterity.The language used a common people speaks that calling gives birth to a boy to have no a fart eye.Words although Cao order, reason not Cao.

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Severely rebuke American the apple company

Posted by terminalcables at 8:56 PM EDT

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