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Thursday, 10 May 2012
Make the business of person's despair more
The knowledge member that I like is since can'look up at star sky', also the ability feet are nearby dependable, pay attention to of matter.So, make track for ideal at me, Be chattering without stopping the time of discussing the democracy freedom and doing not neglect the problem in the reality.As long as there being opportunity, my head quarter to solve reality in of some matters'point a hand painting feet'.
Concerning'spring luck'I fitted hats once wrote a quite a few article article.Although I have already hardly been subjected to'spring luck'of bitterness, to'the spring carry'of memory, and my kin friend annually still in the repeated situation, still keep making me can not let go'spring luck'.
'Spring luck'can alleviate, can not thoroughly solve, this is a fact.Even if the Europe and America wait a country, also having no a nation truely can solve'spring luck'-Christmas, New Year long leave purchase the ticket difficult problem, but because the somebody else handles on the tickets better, avoided unjust matter occurrence as far as possible, hence, also little complaint.
The foundation been originally suggesting this year up, I put forth a viewpoint again, that be in the solid system after practicing, can even sell for a year six months in advance'spring luck'train ticket, scatter a spring luck to sell a pressure, encourage that everyone plans agenda in advance, railroad section can also according to one the selling of in the last years is a circumstance, arrange a spring luck extra train etc..Although this suggestion can not increase train passenger transportation quantity,can alleviate'spring luck'sell molestation and disorder that concentration brings.This after suggesting, at a reader of railroad section work immediately the hair come to mail and say that this completely can go and also hope dior Sunglasses Discount that I understand a foreign circumstance further.They will study, and the opportunity to seek hands in a report for railroad department.
I this viewpoint also stick at blog up, a lot of Bo friends mean that this is the good idea, and the warmhearted net friend put forward some worry in uncertainties, including the place that they don't understand.In order to having the quite a few the blog, the message is also more, general of Bo text I don't all not see message.But this I look into one by one, be for seeing the reader have what suggestion and problem, I took a problem to go and see foreign travel agency, the claim answers and also synthesized some problems to give out Guangzhou of three farmer work reader, ask them to help me at surroundings of carry on a questionnaire in the peasant worker, in order to perfect suggestion.

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Have no rules

Posted by terminalcables at 8:53 PM EDT
Wednesday, 9 May 2012
Chinese type welfare
However, we are so enjoying low electricity price'Chinese type welfare'of at the same time, still let we to see foreign residents is how live at'water and scorching fire'in of, let we to see how the foreign residents' income is, we also talk by data:
The statistics suggests that 2010 the middle of the year, the village residents person of country all pure income is 5919 dollars, Chinese town residents whole year person the all controllable income is 19109 dollars.Take hair to change Wei to enumerate to give or get an electric shock higher United States of price to compare, in 2010 American all income is USD 50,000,polarized sunglasses equal CNY is 320,000 dollars, a Chinese town residents whole year person 16 times that of all controllable income is a Chinese village the all pure income of residents person of 50 much and doubly.But electricity price in the United States don't go to China to give or get an electric shock 2 times that of price.The hair changes the electricity price tallest Denmark that the Wei enumerates, in 2010 Dane all GDP is USD 28900, the world ranks the 12th, but Chinese all GDP is USD 4700, the world ranks the 127th, Dane all GDP compare much more Chinese 600% many, but give or get an electric shock price however compare much more Chinese 400%.
Take to give or get an electric shock price and our look like Mexico to say, 2010, the Mexican family after inflation adjustment average quarter degree income is 34936 pesos, the Mexican home annual income is USD 11920, the equivalence CNY over 70,000 dollars, but Chinese family?2010 whole year town residents the person of the family all the gross earnings is 21033 dollars, Mexican residents' family income is that 3 times that of Chinese residents family is many, but the residents give or get an electric shock price just than many mlb snapback USD 0.03 in China.This is Chinese residents and foreign residents' income margin.
In recent years, a lot of sections like'data'testify, prove Chinese residents with this compare foreign residents'happiness', but, what they took out is usually an unilateral data, they compare with abroad to give or get an electric shock price and compare oil price, than the words fee is unlike residents' income.Take to give or get an electric shock price to compare with somebody else, we are undoubtedly happy, but take income to compare with somebody else, we are the undoubtedly the most unfortunate!
Therefore, please deliver to change the Wei is announcing to give or get an electric shock price lowestly at the same time, also please deliver to change Wei announcement for a while Chinese residents and foreign residents income contrast, exactly whose price of article Gao, who the most happy, believe a to see and then know.

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The biggest misunderstanding lies in

Posted by terminalcables at 9:24 PM EDT
Tuesday, 8 May 2012
Hong Kong colonial government uses the land including rights
Hong Kong colonial government uses the land including rights, such as rent, mortgage and alienation...etc. power to sell to user in the land to extort a large amount of land income.Cautiously consider, colonial government of so adopt the reason of such policy to exactly lie in British lend-lease Hong Kong but don't own Hong Kong.The colonial government offers for sale a land to use power in fact is at a time is inside the segment rent land, but this land is actually Chinese cheap sunglasses government to let to British.British is equal to to be turning to rent, the benefits for leasing but return oneself all rather than China.This equal to colonial government adoption systemizes form in order to stir-fry ground to stir-fry a building to provide law support, have intention to encouragement and stimulate the rise of real estate foam.
The skill of British is an opium, a land all alone.For extorting Chinese, two hands all want to grasp, two hands all have to be hard.Result, taking the Yi and the foreign firm as the representative's English capital regiment is Hong Kong's biggest land to own, among them Yi and foreign firm at two monopolized Hong Kong real estate before the wars 70% or so property.
The essence of the colony accomplishes the colony policy of Hong Kong, while the colony policy accomplished the Gao Fang Jia and highland price of Hong Kong again.Regret of BE, many in the last yearses, but the land public finance of a lot of of our local governments shines on to move Hong Kong.In this case, the local government inevitably has pass'management city' Buy Boston RedSox New Era Hat accomplish Gao Fang Jia and highland price of impulse.
The problem lies in, this colony experience is always all that the short date is beneficial to is harmful over a long period of time.In surging forward with great momentum endless history in China, in addition to receiving a dollar to colonize political power, have never a political power don't hope his/her own the unification river's lake, a thousand years is 10000.Originator, it has no behind?In those early years Hong Kong colony empirical land policy's shining on the decision maker of moving the mainland is really nearsighted be able to, the rat eyes inch only has already been not enough to describe it asininity, we think and shine on to move colony experience spring village is from is more unique than history, from is more unique than a nation, from is more unique than descendant posterity.The language used a common people speaks that calling gives birth to a boy to have no a fart eye.Words although Cao order, reason not Cao.

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Severely rebuke American the apple company

Posted by terminalcables at 8:56 PM EDT
Monday, 7 May 2012
Teacher's vehemence of section Si opposes
Follow since then of greatly spend the Pu Lang of pen and ink in inventing patent is the teacher of section Si especially.The Pu surname is objection to invent the person of the most vigorous patent in the economic scholar whom I know.His objection contains several aspects, let I the cent order to say.
First, Pu Lang especially the different idea Sa mainly is self-moving according to the invention for saying with Clark.He thinks the invention existence of self-moving, but very small on the proportion.He thinks that the invention has results to show origin, so the Gucci Sunglasses Price market prices up to encourage invention importance.At this my thinking is a correct standpoint up, the conclusion of Pu surname--have never invented the protection ratio of patent to have this protection beneficial to economy--not easy understand.
The starting point of Pu surname is invent patent of produce producing of power heel other resourceseses power is different.He writes a way:
"Inventing the protection of patent and copyright is different with the protection of other properties on the property.The former isn't the effect that the resources lacks to bring, but from presentable intentionally the law creation come out of lack.Other resourceses will change direction more worthy use because of having the protection to produce power, but invent patent and copyright be just create to lack, increase the income of product, but these lacking don't protect can't appear."
This standpoint is certainly wrong.A piece of Huang countryside the ground of the Ling is worthless, the someone flower huge sum mines and finds out gold mine, cheap NFL hats is created to lack?A piece of wasteland no man asks about, someone invests to change to farmland, government as a result is giving the right to land to create to lack?Lack of isn't the gold mine that didn't°yet is disheveled hair now, or those wasteland that are unmanned to ask about, but those investments that search gold mine or open up a wasteland demand.
I mention in this chapter section 1, study the knowledge investment of knowing the word, its cost is those persons' protections with knowledge.Compare to a student to spend money in time to learn good English, his income increased, other students wanted to compete also and want flower together of cost, so the cost is the protection of knowledge.The problem here is some knowledge investments to bring some new products with the market the value, Be getting more public, the outsider can harm on seeing freely a copy the knowledge investors at first lost capital, or at least and significantly reduced the incomes of the new product.Should this new product be subjected to the protection of inventing the patent?

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One is change human resource allocation

Posted by terminalcables at 10:57 PM EDT
Sunday, 6 May 2012
The Yang sees reporter's a problem

Indeed as expected, Hui in the Luo house answers a to come out, Rui's becoming the problem of steel is on the contrary neglected by everyone, hence a lot of netizens be naturally led long a nose by American ambassador to walk, immediately associate how Chinese officials are how......You see, the Yang sees reporter's a problem, almost derivation the trust crisis of government, make society unsteady, your this reporter be of, be-Thank God, luckily delete to stick in time afterwards, the circumstances gets a control.
 The second, the Yang sees a reporter

The Rui becomes a steel to make of the second mistake BE'economy mistake', he obviously is a layman to the economy, purchase national debt to in brief equal'put a loan'with'owe money'of type.He doesn't know that purchasing some country national debt, being the prospect to a nation to contain confidence, not 1 kind to in brief put to lend behavior, a stock is similar with investment.Chinese foreign exchange stores the first in the world, is almost U.S. dollar, purchase a beautiful debt with this money and beautiful domestic product, choose right.Purchase American national debt with in the Wall Street stock market of New York invest about, hold properly, requite is not low either.
Having been being scolding Chinese government of American violent in action and interference domestic affairs very obviously is obviously still optimistic about the United States of, otherwise, absolutely should not purchase American national debt, know, this huge sum almost can buy Iceland down, or buy all of Melbournes that the most suitable world match Australia that the mankind live down, but they purchase economy at be on the decline American national debt of road.Probably can also comprehend, after all, the United States owns a democratic instutition and tosses about for more than 200 years, still stable, can make people have no confidence?The gentleman disappears how much Peking of did the tall officer send to kid the United States?
Is funny of see a reporter in the Yang in, purchase American national debt be simplified'the United States owe Chinese money'.He originally wants to use this problem dismounts Wei for one of American ambassador and also let American in a spot.Can he where know, he almost makes our government in a spot.Is rich flowed oily Yang to see big wrist to obviously forget the circumstances of China, misled as a result some poor must even rice also eats not up, can not afford building and despise a disease even and marry not Chinese youth of rising the daughter-in-law put the appearance of American creditor, can now is an Internet ages, all problems will be turned over to reply to consider a lot of time, you not afraid the netizens that once returned absolute being's comes also humorously ask you 1:For what person all GDP line up the United States of the row in front of the world want to lend a person all GDP at 100 after of money of the Chinese have ever been to and compare at least Chinese the wealthy decuple is above, life have a guarantee and go to school need not money, see a doctor is not a difficult life either?How can have the poor people the business son for lend°ing money rich man in the world?

Posted by terminalcables at 9:09 PM EDT
Friday, 4 May 2012
The emphasizing death penalty is little
On May 16, 2009, Li Chang Kui rapes to kill after flying choke dizzy girl friend, Wang Jia, ever, Wang Jia's flying 3-year-old younger brother, Wang Jia Hong, is as well poured by Li Chang Kui to lift to fall dead in front of the door.Later on, surrender to justice, this surrenders to justice to be'do not need to die gold medal'.For this reason the idea murder charge, rape of Intermediate People's Court in Zhao City in Yunnan province penalizes Li Chang Kui's death penalty.But deluxe court of the people in Yunnan province two after reviewing this case, change to judge the dead of Li Chang Kui slow.This verdict also ascends province Gao Yuan Tui of Yunnan to the place with a draught wave of public opinion point.Deluxe court of the cheap sun glasses people director Gao Yuan Fu's farmland in Yunnan province becomes to unexpectedly enounce:Can not with the way that the public revel homicidal, the old standpoint killing people to pay with life is changing.'This is national to need to be calmed down, this race need to be calmed down, and this is a society that drains emotion, but the emotion like this should calm down to national law.We can't because everyone shouts to kill, but easily and careless deprive a person's life.'
Becomes in the farmland of in the eye, the public becomes falling behind an ignorant representative, because the public sentiment arouses an anger and seem this nation don't calm down, this race madness, ask justice ground to execute murderer, the society becomes the society for draining and belong to the public revel type homicide.Also say, they are the legal theory ideas that represents a forerunner, because they think, should rescind death penalty the fall behind is ignorant together Tai vengeance of way of doing.
The law killed Xin in the medicine house,was a farmland talk of is this the slave system with the way of doing of feudalism system?The farmland became to corroborate they represent of is justice, also ask public to wait for a decade, say public and then will have new viewpoint, also say, farmland become think, we of people's consciousness fall behind a decade, they of verdict advanced decade.But we equally have a power request, the farmland becomes decade after, their consciences don't want to deliver a pain.Face two lives for dying a tragic death, if there is no fair mlb fitted hats result upholding justice for them, how can comfort those two innocent ghosts, there is also a 3-year-old kid.If what they died is what a suck, as long as surrenders to justice can don't need dead, so, the justice of those two ghosts how expand, isn't a public to for no reason have homicidal request, more not is revel is to imprudently end a person's life, but the life that he ends other people is previously.
The public opinion concern is regarded as the candor of interference judicatory by them, if they can really equitably sentence, the public would not cut up rough thus.Want to ask for help of the name of judicatory seeks private fame for oneself, or then for accepting to pursue and arrest cost encouragement to surrender to justice, can don't need dead, this kind of commutation is really breaking the dignity of law, while this kind of is so-called'the forerunner's verdict', return be thought is their superiority in public of place, the public is describeabsolutely d to become a group of roughnecks, this nation is also been called a not calm nation by its Mie.

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Leave the space for the tax system reform

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Thursday, 3 May 2012
The exterior pound at enlargement
Main jobless rate in economy the United States, EU and Japan etc. in the world still place high, some national finance in the reds significantly increase and greatly believe in merchandise price to walk Gao, the check and supervision consumes need and investment need to extend;Southern Europe Greece waits a part of national obligation crisis still just development, is going to economy composing in the world to implicate to Europe;Economy recovery progress in all countries is different, economy stimulate the policy appear to divide and influence economic trade in the world recovery.
 In 2010, GDP the United States is about 14.6 u.s. dollars;The finance in the red of fiscal year was more than 1.3 u.s. dollars in those early years,Buy Los Angeles Dodgers New Era Hat the obligation surplus amount reached to 14.3 U.S. dollars, person all USD 45,000;The deficit leads 9%, the obligation leads 100%;Jobless rate 9% is or so.The exit of the United States develops plans, again industrialization strategic, can not basically change American economy to trap a bureau.And, the United States strengthens a finance to take charge of the risk ascension that will cause hot money flow into China, the increment is Chinese mobility difficulty of management;The United States strengthens a finance to take charge of to make offshore U.S. dollar reflux difficult, a huge sum of external deficit turns over a long period of time, U.S. dollar to Reminbi depreciation all the rate enlarge;The United States will keep on to oppress Reminbi appreciation in the middle of promoting export and stimulating plan, Reminbi to U.S. dollar appreciation, will lower China to export the United States the price competition ability of the domestic product, check and supervision to the exit growth of the United States power head.
 Euro area the economic rally is slow-moving, as to it's does check and supervision China export continuously to polarized sunglasses extend;Euro depreciation, Reminbi to the euro revalue the trend is further hard to change, will lower the price competition ability that China exports an euro area product, check and supervision to the quick growth of the euro area export power head.Even the euro area is economic risk influence economy recovery step in the world, also all-directions influence China exports of growth.
 Past decade, outward opening of China experienced to allow much more of difficulty and challenge, the step of renew is steady and urgent.Today, in the much heavy challenge in front, we also face new opportunity:Economic structure in the world is being placed in a transformation to expect, the world manages a mechanism into a change to expect, industry and technique innovation are placed in ferment to expect, and the newly arisen nation in the market strength follows ascension to expect.Only hold tight opportunity, the braveness accepts a challenge, can create Chinese economy new brilliancy.

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Treat to catch a cold an easily ingoing mistake area

Posted by terminalcables at 9:10 PM EDT
Wednesday, 2 May 2012
Lower medium produce a hierarchical
Won to produce stratum to constitute generally stable social foundation, at the same time, win produce the income scope that the stratum includes should extend.Currently but speech, the middle class mostly can is divided into three layers:On being an annual income between 60,000-200,000 dollars, two is an annual income between 200,000-300,000 dollars, three is an annual income between 300,000-500,000 dollars.Obviously, ex- two layers of medium produce stratum mainly is a work salary worker, covered a small management layer of company from the generally little white-collar worker arrive.Currently, this is inside to produce stratum is our country the biggest contributor of the tax, such as of 2010480,000,000,000 dollars in the whole country tax gross earnings, work salary stratum a tax that personage pays had 68%;Is contrary, the revenue from new era caps tax of western and flourishing nation then mainly from minority of rich men rather than the large and common work salary stratum pay of, such as according to the statistics, above 60% of American's tax from the community of annual income above USD 100,000 pay.Therefore, the tax of this stratum endows with to lower appropriately, main reason BE:One, produce stratum in the great majority particularly is a first floor time of medium produce the income of stratum to mainly all come from a labor, even also suffer the opposite dish of employer larger degree to shell;Two, they are originally belong similar to the low income stratum, didn't enjoy at the rental or bonus brought by civil resources, just passed stateowned business enterprise profits up the form handing over was become to mutually collect a tax to endow with.Collect a large amount of tax to endow with on they in fact with social justice mutually Bei, and, endow with to also compare majority of western countries to have to be a little bit low to the tax that they collect.
Produce hierarchical tax rate on the three greatest layers consideration but talk:First floor time of medium produce stratum should be a nation to particularly cultivate of object, its limit tax rate should control at 15% in;Second floor time of medium produce stratum then should do one for the balance development of nation larger contribute, its limit tax rate can be between 15%-20%;Second floor time of medium produced stratum to then include one part of little entrepreneur, its beginning started to assign income to be probably bigger than its labor contribution, as a result it the limit tax rate can raise to 25% appropriately or so.In fact, human resource and social guarantee department also put forward recently, the our country wants to hard buy sunglasses carry out officers and workers' wages to increase 15% annually, thus'25'the period work hard for to carry out an officers and workers a wages growth to turn over a time's target;According to this target, winning to produce hierarchical limit tax rate should also lower and otherwise rise not to increase the effect of controllable income, because they soon get into higher limit tax rate file time.And, lower medium produce the hierarchical tax rate produces stratum in the middle of contributing to strong of usually can't cause tax's endowing with a descending of total amount, either at the same time:Many in the last years our country the revenue from tax go into basic keep a high-speed growth, was up to 23% last year, this year quarterly degree revenue from tax into increase to even come to a 37%.See is also such from history experience:Made in 2006 tax adjustment, result, in 2006 national revenue from tax go into 245,267,000,000 dollars, compared to increase 17% last year;Made again in 2008 tax adjustment, result, the national revenue from tax goes into to 369,700,000,000 dollars in 2008, compare increased 16% last year.

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China didn't carry on the motive and inducement

Posted by terminalcables at 11:40 PM EDT
Tuesday, 1 May 2012
Some experts in the Chinese agency section
If the common people of these dociles didn't believe in his speech at that time, , probably have been already concluded'resided to have its house'of fine wishes.Seduce into wrong doing a speech at them under, people's an Augustinian of time of docile, change come of is the disappointment of a time.Several year agos can buy three of money can buy just now a , but buy two of Qian Zhi can buy a toilet.Hence, these step an empty from those early years they of iron pole cellophane noodles, became the accusationses of end.In those early years with the morals go on expedition come suddenly and leisurely the common people's person, already drive history verification, is just that 1 smile to anticipate.But, at that time they Gao voice like Gao Yin's trumpet, only and perhaps whole country not knew theirs'correct fortune-teller best sunglasses result', used morals advantage as curtain, for according to the objective fact predict of building price also keep on soaring of reality, carry on violent of invade, the fact was to cover up don't live, those took no cognizance fact, the wild diagram depended induce speech attain have other intention of purpose, finally drive the big car of regulation in the market, the Nian pressed of smash.
Although the Chinese real estate market is to some extent that being subjected to the influence that the administration interferes, stage appeared an abnormality phenomenon,wanted to keep the existence of market, regulation in the market certainly is such as'the green mountain hide not to live, after all the east flows to go'.We while treating a real estate market to carry on an estimate, most hate true circumstance in the regardless of market, without restraint reading, the agency section hospital unexpectedly still soars building price to return to knot for the obstruction of interest group, this typical model of is intentionally evade main antinomy.Not thus objective circumstance in the reading market, finally hurt of be still the real participant of market, there are also more innocent NFL Jerseys & hats common people.Sweet talk type publicizes, is the enemy of biggest investor.The enticing soup of these infusions is so many in the last yearses, those sad herbal medicines that step an empty, at hallucinogenic in but would not like to see a true circumstance, once someone speaks a true circumstance, if these people lose to test the Hao of Bi type call erupt roaring of an exasperation, but the reasonableness finally wins not- rational, the fact pegged out true and deceitful.
The wretches are being subjected to a fool of to still just defend for the others, but for real wrong or the person of true circumstance, then Jie Si bottom inside of misinterpret and insult and humiliate, is exactly because of these people's existence, make originally very clear real estate market, be made at present one regiment dirty mire, the Hun is muddy not pure, have already made profound insight obscure to have no light, the morals goes on expedition to without restraint walk sideways.The building price is these matters, still want reasonableness a point, a little bit more realistic, so as to truely know-this market reality and fallacy. 
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Saturday, 28 April 2012
According to this kind of analytical
Why at war age, some martyrs willing sacrifice their oneself's lives don't wish to provide an other comrades as well?Why to always exist some anonymities to act charitably?Why do people always want to put forward a rebuke to those who violate the rules?Are all of this the results that the reasonableness in split second calculates?Obviously, the modern and essential economics emphasizes of can not explain this from wading hobby.One, the modern and essential economics carries on a basis of explanation to the cooperation behavior of the benefit others type be obtain future repay, according to this kind of way of thinking, 'be when the ethnicity be subjected to threat the contribution of a person to the ethnicities gets the Milwaukee Brewers Hats possibility of repay to sharply descend in the future, the community dismisses of possibility ascension, the motive cooperating thus will also not reply existence';[9] is to say, while exactly being cooperation behavior that ethnicity needs a benefit others types most on the contrary this kind of cooperation becomes impossible.Two, compute according to this kind of reasonableness of reason logically, the mankind social disappearance is inevitable, because an affairs of fortuity will also arouse cooperative breakup;However, mankind's society not only survived down, but also depth and wide degree of cooperation still and just and continuously expand.
At the same time, though economic person's model of the hobby content expand type analyzed to consider others effect as to it's behavioral influence, don't investigate this kind of to influence further how degree is, the hobby degree is again how to decide;Equally, though the cooperation motive incline to of economic person's model analyze the characteristic of considering the doer as to it's behavioral influence, don't investigate this kind of to incline to further how degree is, Nike Sun Glasses the motive degree is again how to decide.Is positive because this kind of analytical mode didn't give any elucidation and investigation to the hobby and the cooperation motive, thus basically impossible provide a certain affair estimate to people's behaviors, but the explanation that can be an after the event.And, even if the explanation of after the event this layer and talk, this kind of is also very unilateral according to the explanation of economic person's thinking, the beard is happy clear point out, 'the consideration of utility can become some benefit others behavioral motive, but absolutely can't become all behavioral motive of benefiting otherses;Rational economic person's mode can explain that the part benefits others a phenomenon, like relative altruism and of mutual benefit altruism, but can not affirm an explanation the mankind's all benefit others behavior and morals behavior'.[10] is all these all mean, the modern and essential economics comes to model to turn according to the economic person analytical concretely social medium of mankind's behavior exist abstraction to turn an excesssive problem:It not only can not predict the person's behavior and it result, even explanation oneself is also'I to consider'.Generally speaking, this kind of is abstract economic person's model turning turn analysis inside can take into to explain from as follows a few aspects in the blemish.

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The our country exists a structure country

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