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Monday, 7 May 2012
Teacher's vehemence of section Si opposes
Follow since then of greatly spend the Pu Lang of pen and ink in inventing patent is the teacher of section Si especially.The Pu surname is objection to invent the person of the most vigorous patent in the economic scholar whom I know.His objection contains several aspects, let I the cent order to say.
First, Pu Lang especially the different idea Sa mainly is self-moving according to the invention for saying with Clark.He thinks the invention existence of self-moving, but very small on the proportion.He thinks that the invention has results to show origin, so the Gucci Sunglasses Price market prices up to encourage invention importance.At this my thinking is a correct standpoint up, the conclusion of Pu surname--have never invented the protection ratio of patent to have this protection beneficial to economy--not easy understand.
The starting point of Pu surname is invent patent of produce producing of power heel other resourceseses power is different.He writes a way:
"Inventing the protection of patent and copyright is different with the protection of other properties on the property.The former isn't the effect that the resources lacks to bring, but from presentable intentionally the law creation come out of lack.Other resourceses will change direction more worthy use because of having the protection to produce power, but invent patent and copyright be just create to lack, increase the income of product, but these lacking don't protect can't appear."
This standpoint is certainly wrong.A piece of Huang countryside the ground of the Ling is worthless, the someone flower huge sum mines and finds out gold mine, cheap NFL hats is created to lack?A piece of wasteland no man asks about, someone invests to change to farmland, government as a result is giving the right to land to create to lack?Lack of isn't the gold mine that didn't°yet is disheveled hair now, or those wasteland that are unmanned to ask about, but those investments that search gold mine or open up a wasteland demand.
I mention in this chapter section 1, study the knowledge investment of knowing the word, its cost is those persons' protections with knowledge.Compare to a student to spend money in time to learn good English, his income increased, other students wanted to compete also and want flower together of cost, so the cost is the protection of knowledge.The problem here is some knowledge investments to bring some new products with the market the value, Be getting more public, the outsider can harm on seeing freely a copy the knowledge investors at first lost capital, or at least and significantly reduced the incomes of the new product.Should this new product be subjected to the protection of inventing the patent?

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