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Thursday, 10 May 2012
Make the business of person's despair more
The knowledge member that I like is since can'look up at star sky', also the ability feet are nearby dependable, pay attention to of matter.So, make track for ideal at me, Be chattering without stopping the time of discussing the democracy freedom and doing not neglect the problem in the reality.As long as there being opportunity, my head quarter to solve reality in of some matters'point a hand painting feet'.
Concerning'spring luck'I fitted hats once wrote a quite a few article article.Although I have already hardly been subjected to'spring luck'of bitterness, to'the spring carry'of memory, and my kin friend annually still in the repeated situation, still keep making me can not let go'spring luck'.
'Spring luck'can alleviate, can not thoroughly solve, this is a fact.Even if the Europe and America wait a country, also having no a nation truely can solve'spring luck'-Christmas, New Year long leave purchase the ticket difficult problem, but because the somebody else handles on the tickets better, avoided unjust matter occurrence as far as possible, hence, also little complaint.
The foundation been originally suggesting this year up, I put forth a viewpoint again, that be in the solid system after practicing, can even sell for a year six months in advance'spring luck'train ticket, scatter a spring luck to sell a pressure, encourage that everyone plans agenda in advance, railroad section can also according to one the selling of in the last years is a circumstance, arrange a spring luck extra train etc..Although this suggestion can not increase train passenger transportation quantity,can alleviate'spring luck'sell molestation and disorder that concentration brings.This after suggesting, at a reader of railroad section work immediately the hair come to mail and say that this completely can go and also hope dior Sunglasses Discount that I understand a foreign circumstance further.They will study, and the opportunity to seek hands in a report for railroad department.
I this viewpoint also stick at blog up, a lot of Bo friends mean that this is the good idea, and the warmhearted net friend put forward some worry in uncertainties, including the place that they don't understand.In order to having the quite a few the blog, the message is also more, general of Bo text I don't all not see message.But this I look into one by one, be for seeing the reader have what suggestion and problem, I took a problem to go and see foreign travel agency, the claim answers and also synthesized some problems to give out Guangzhou of three farmer work reader, ask them to help me at surroundings of carry on a questionnaire in the peasant worker, in order to perfect suggestion.

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