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Friday, 11 May 2012
Give a new life to search fox four wars
We would rather expect to put a little bit much lowerly, if search fox in four wars slightly in of whichever realm, for example video frequency, take down a no 1, all be good enough to let the city value turns over 100%, a sweep old two shadowses of thousand yearses.
In 1.0 ageses, searched fox to once depend firm of follow strategy, quite goodly cut to get.The other people make gate, he also makes gate, the other people make a game, and he also makes a game.
So, 2.0 ages, is the follow strategy still effective?
Obviously suffered a certain challenge, otherwise Zhang Chao Yang can't put, either an again of the mountain power, can't discount sunglasses spread his to give a new life to search fox, either of'four war slightly'.The capital market seems equal match Zhang Chao Yang's new strategy also, search fox stock price recently one to soar up.
Moving Internet, social intercourse network and electronic commerce explosion is unclearly bringing about lately a revolution of Chinese Internet, Teng Xun 100 degree in Ba Ba's triumvirate stand together of structure and form in the market, will can't re- shuffle cards?
Always the follow searches fox why from the place, do its four wars slightly have a drama?
We come to see 2.0 strategies that it think greatly of most first, the core is a social intercourse network and tiny Bo.
Is positive such as we see, search fox in the sns realm, from the chinaren in earlier period, arrive white society, to now of tiny Bo, can say always in effort, but hasn't been having achievements.A characteristics of Best Oakley Sunglasses 2.0 products is that the winner eat, it is can hardly for follow to show results and make tiny Bo now and fall in the rear of Sina on the opportune moment, if has no cutthroat class that the differences turns and apply, rush through super Sina, the difficulty isn't general big.
Come to see a game again.Game business, the follow strategy is to have a drama, because of customer's experience that each game provides, hand over to relate to with each other is all different.Now enjoy a trip to in the game business second army corps in have already had leading position, but the Teng Xun of first army corps, easy net and grand all own deeply rooted advantage, enjoy a trip to and think from the second army corps sneak into first army corps and challenge also not is general big.

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Posted by terminalcables at 10:29 PM EDT

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