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Friday, 18 May 2012
European fire wall expands to permit forthcoming

Four very short insides, Spain heavy get a freshman?

  The market closely pays attention to a wealth long meeting

  In fact, Spanish deficit condition has never taken place basic sex variety.However, expand to permit acquired important breakthrough in this period fire wall.

  According to know, on March 26 German chancellor Mo gram the Er once admitted that Spain and the bond market of Portugal expressed for several weeks extremely recently sensitive and flimsiness.Mo gram Er allusion, Germany governs of the CDU main member have already reached on that very day unified the opinion help fund EFSF and permanent sex of temporary sex to help fund ESM to circulate at the same time.Be subjected to this influence, Spanish decade expected national debt rate of cheap oakley sunglasses return to descend 1.82%.

  Mo gram the speech of the Er lay the foundation for German position change.Report according to clear mirror weekly magazine in Germany, Germany expands to permit financial fire wall to contain two kinds of choices, then merge two salvage funds(Europe stability mechanism ESM and Europe financial stability fund EFSF) attain EUR 700,000,000,000 scale, and let two salvage fund parallelism movement expands to permit to reform into EUR 940,000,000,000 further, and then for guard against Spanish thus of huge economy explosion the risk is more effective.

  Remarkable BE, German chancellor Mo gram the Er don't make commitment towards constructing fire wall scale, mean that the fire wall chooses what way expand to permit an existence rift.

  Through match to organize general secretary AngelGurria appeals on Tuesday, EU should extend the financial fire wall scale New PRADA Sunglasses of the region to an euro to remould confidence in the market at least.

  According to understand, the fire wall expands to permit and the country economy growths, such as Spain and Portugal...etc. will be the main point of this week five wealth in Copenhagen long meetings.

  To this, gold stone futures researcher, Liu Yi Qing, tell 《everyday economic news 》 , the obligation crises of Ireland, Greece all expressed, only till the time of extremely urgent the euro area would make greatest efforts to rescue the nation of sinking into the crisis.This time also can't exception.Only be Spanish situation worsens to get close to default of time, Germany would accept to expand to permit into EUR 940,000,000,000 of decision.So far still not when the time comes.see more:The high school things of the past
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