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Tuesday, 22 May 2012
Keeping pure heat of Yin is the best of a cultivate flowers
Liliaceous carriage beautiful, colorful beautiful, it plant erection, the leaf is like Cui bamboo, follow the caulis round living, usually each caulis a flower, take in the white green, form trumpet, Doll is horizontal, carriage excrescent daintiness, can spew an unclear You joss-stick, possess'cloud clothes pretty woman'of good reputation.
 Is an our country tradition of appreciate flower, liliaceous have been deeply being subjected to people's great fame, such as Su east the younger brother, poet Su Zhe of the ascent once had a poem way:'The mountain Dan gets womens sunglasses spring rain, the gorgeous color shines on a court in addition to.This article what once count, beautiful flowers from not equal to.'Come to laud the nobility of bulb of lily and cultured.
 But at west nation, liliaceous equally and rather negative great reputation.Clear person, Wang Xiang Jin,'s
《beautiful flowers table 》 once said while introducing bulb of lily:'All the wave country has no Jia Qiang and takes this as a food.'All wave country wine actually is which nation, we can not know, however is liliaceous is the symbol that is been a sanctity to praise in 《Holy Bible 》 , because it is said that is second to be be subjected to temptation of the snake, stole to eat to forbid a fruit but be expeled Garden of Eden with Eve.The Eve doesn't already is regretfuleply, flow descend sorrow of tears.The tears falls to the ground behind namely change into pure fragrance of liliaceous.
 But in the French's eyes, liliaceous is the symbol of ancient royal house power.It is said that France and one king gram when the Luo Wei baptize God uses liliaceous to his wedding present, afterwards French afterwards French factitiousness Be in remembrance of first ancestor, have been a tiny country pattern the bulb of lily since 12th century and see it to spend for being bright with freedom of symbolizing combining for the country.
 Liliaceous is quite good Chinese medicine, have to tranquilize the nerves to adjust pure heart of spirit, smooth lung and solve Yu to open the effect of stomach.
 The Chinese are been used an idiom to describe to call'joys and sorrows', sad what come, sad from Women Gucci Sunglasses leave.Being so-called to leave is a separation, or then loses.From leave but living of sad is a kind of sad, the rashness is crazy, unsteady emotion.That how come to alleviate this unsteady emotion, the Chinese medicine says that the human body is an atmosphere field, so the emotion is unsteady to also need to be adjusted'spirit'.In fact can can also adjust from' the joys and sorrows' this idiom'spirit'of method, that be'match', 'match'but joys.Although in the life have no so many'match'of the scene can let people from'sad'turn'happy'(otherwise also can't always BE'sad'), a lot of take'match'word of thing also ability to some extent rise similar of effect.

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