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Friday, 25 May 2012
The analysis on British Broadcasting Corporation

 The analysis on British Broadcasting Corporation the 21th said that Japan and Chinese recent yearses all are actively extending the influence to the ASEAN region.Although medium day battling out of second economic giant position already the dust fall to settle,appear sovereignty controversy, Japan and China to south china sea battle out the situation of sovereignty in East China Sea in parts of nations in ASEAN and China in, these nation draw near distance because of having together feeling.Moreover, along with Burma political power beginning democratization reform, also lowered Japan and Mekong river cheap sun glasses valley 5 countries cooperate of system obstacle, Japan and the cooperation of Mekong river valley nation are in the economy outside, there is also political prospect.

  The blue and even son says to reporter of this report, medium day's development in big Mekong time district region, benefits consideration have respectively, but look for with Southeast Asian neighboring country at politics and economy ascend to build up better relation then common of, this will contribute to the fusion that promotes district economy.The blue and even son thinks that Japan and China to the ASEAN nation provides of help can not only make ASEAN national to be subjected to a benefit as well as make China and Japan acquire an advantage.The ASEAN speeds the integration step of economy inside the region, all benefitses are related can be subjected to a benefit from it.

  Often ten thousand Na Rui Si mean, actually China and Japan didn't form too many competitions in the investment in the district, contrary, two countries are extending production network in the district and build up single formed to definitely repair with each other on the market.China and Japan invests and helps, the ASEAN all really welcomes.The ASEAN doesn't enjoy to see the competition that the medium day launch a political strategic level in the ASEAN.But often ten thousand Na Rui the Si D&G Oversized Sunglasses think at the same time, the positive competition of economic realm can make the everyone be subjected to a benefit, and the competition of political strategic realm then may bring a challenge.

Analyzed to think, outward helping of Japan was it'political big country'strategic assistance, the government of Japan development help not on seeing colleague, but have explicit selectivity and aim at sex, sometimes also outstanding consciousness appearance problem.On the economy, Japan concentrates on the predominance right that obtains in Asia;And on political, Japan then emphasizes according to consciousness appearance station brigade, to Asian business predominate the competition of power be also subjected to influence of the day beautiful allies relation factor at the same time.see more:Japan will set up a world to shake to monitor
The U.S. Congress draws up to check a government

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