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Sunday, 27 May 2012
The regression building City adjusts to control purpose

We see first two post-war use around 30 yearses completion urbanization of day Han Liang Guo:Practice overall protection commonness from the adjusting of housing control degree with not alienate from the housing as tallest as 75% a large amount of progressive income taxes and a huge sum of house property inherit a tax, the investment speculation of the force-out residence need;The establishment and income links after personal tax of housing letter the loan support letter examine system, block the space of two suites loan;Forbid to keep by renting a loan, raise not from housing loan the interest carry through by guiding commercial bank nation of adjusting and controling intention.

  These synthesized economic lever and pierced through the principle that the land Ray-Ban Polariscope Sunglasses increases in value income social sharing and directly stopped capitalization operation in the land to try to make profit space.

  Come to see currently, our adjusting to control measure everywhere unavoidably has already avoided solid falsely, not to the point fraud.

  For example"limit buy to make", in spite of was how necessary at that time, finally was a medicine with tremendous side effect, and didn't said limit to buy the Zu shot that flowed to the national talented person, its performances all existed a very great problem.

  Chinese broadcasting network on April 10 reports to say, Peking lives to set up Wei just to investigate and search, restructure to buy the problem that the building qualifications embezzles completely, "a check wonderful, Cartier Sunglasses buy building qualifications to forge to evade a limit to buy the circumstance for making very universal."At buy building qualifications forge of back is a chain of benefits chains, Peking carries out this kind of money that buys building qualifications about 40,000,000 dollars annually.

  Still for example guarantee building.According to'finance and economics national weekly magazine'survey, "reconstruction establish, light management" problem will be more and more serious.Don't lack a little amount guarantee building to become "try to make profit building".For example, long biggest guarantee housing engineering in spring City regiment mountain small area, hand over building for more than a years, the many people didn't go into, a great deal of economy's applying building is openly called to sell, the price is that 2 times that of one year ago is many, many house real of the building lord is a public official.Have some a place, Qi business unit from set up of welfare building and public official's housing, the plait goes into to guarantee building and contends for benefit with people. see more:Kang thin card toothpaste
A residential basic common sense

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