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Tuesday, 6 November 2012
Carry out the balance of risk and repay

In 2011, the residue beats Chinese operating revenue to together compare to increase 22.22%, the interest clean income increases 30.86% and is placed in to stabilize a growth stage.0.36% bad rates 69.4%ly save a loan to compare and make residue beat can effectively develop funds advantage, and can control risk, obtain better risk repay.With this, residue's beating China is reviewed for 《the investor reports 》 is 2012"the best risk management foreign cheap Miami Dolphins jerseys capital bank"s.

  The Standard & Chartered Bank(China) chief risk officer's cow good Geng means while accepting 《investor report 》 interview that the Standard & Chartered Bank established the overall risk management frame of more equilibrium risk and repay, therefore the residue beats China when the business stabilizes a growth, kept a good risk control level.

  Develop business according to the risk hobby

  "The business of the bank essentially be undertake risk and acquire homologous repay.Speak from this meaning, the risk of bank not is more low more good, repay also not is Gao in brief and more is more good.Therefore risk management be not in brief with watch over insurance to decline to lowest is purpose, but want under the decided risk strategy to undertake homologous risk and acquire big profits possibly.The business develops also should not see a large amount of short-term repay, should give attention to both its farsighted influence for bank whole risk.This according to the oneself management of the bank circumstance and business' developing strategy is the risk hobby that we say the risk strategy for drawing up.The risk hobby is defined bank at present the environment of place, consider from the farsighted benefits of the best risk repay balance."The cow good Geng says like this.

  "The risk management of Standard & Chartered Bank is the foundation of total risk hobby in bank up, establish according to the bank of the overall risk management frame carry on.Residue's beating the important characteristics that the breeze controls is independence, the risk management is independence at the wholesale Miami Heat snapback control section out of the business section, exercise its control working talent, be responsible for the risk repay decision quality of bank." The cow good Geng says that program still just daily business of stage in the business no matter in, residue's beating to all every moment keep is inside the scope at the risk hobby.

  The cow good Geng thinks that in times gone by taking charge of dimensionseses will enlarge, will be strengthened to the value of risk management when the economy bottom go.But in the economic time of good situation, usually cause bank's relaxing a risk management to the profits' pursuing, cause the banking system risk significantly increment, and concentrate to present while just going under the economy."History will repeat, only those organizations that truely study from the precept, just can't fall down in the same place."
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