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Friday, 9 November 2012
Two hawkses make Japan more conservative

Japan's the Liberal Democratic Party of not in power chose last month currently that ex- prime minister Shizo Abe serves as the party's new chief executive officer.It is a parliament election to obstruct what he become a prime minister, for re- holding real power, Shizo Abe knows oneself is on the foreign policy have to than incumbent prime minister wild farmland the good Yan still needs to be like a hawks' person.

  Japan has to hold a parliament election by May, 2013.Though the domestic issue, including endless depression will occupy a certain position,people sink into to stand alone one matter within the scope of region cheap sunglasses to Japan and the misgiving turning worse with China and extremely nervous relation in Korea day by day is most pushing the foreign policy problem to position of showing the Zhao.On this problem, the wild farmland and Anne is vying with each other in hard-liner's certificate that polishes oneself, this means anyway, the foreign policies of Tokyo will become more conservative.

  Wild farmland:The hawks of Chinese problem

  The wild farmland has already proven that oneself is 2009 the Liberal Democratic Party lose a power Japanese Democratic Party taking a post leaders win the most capable 1.He to a large extent repaired and the fracture of the United States, this fracture is the ex- prime minister pigeon mountain that equally comes from Democratic Party results in to°from Ji's man, the pigeon mountain by mistake sank into base in American marine corps, Okinawa to move the crisis that the problem causes.

  Is more important, the wild farmland strengthened to keep duty from doing some and important decision.One side of wild farmland government chooses that the invisible battleplane is the next generation battleplane of Japan, a side adopted a measure modification to keep on very long-term weapon export restriction order.He still approval announced to affirm lately strategic speculation in Japan threatenning the main safety that China is a beginning to expose clues.

  Let actually the wild farmland rises in the world of is exactly a his response for the resolute attitude of China.He has been hawks' person on Chinese problem, Be all know the response of plan in the island of buying of matter Shintaro Ishihara to Tokyos, this summer he hurriedly purchased the sharp Ge of having controversy various island(namely my Diaoyu Island and it subsidiary group of cheap ray-ban sunglasses islands originally the net note) and lent this consolidation this image.This undertaking causes to break out with vigorous conflict in China, this is from the 2010 the middle of the years, country fishing boat and guard brigade boats and ships in Japan coast collided with each other of the second conflict.

  However with different in 2010 BE, wild farmland emolliently the crest lived the pressure of Peking.He sent toward the point Ge various island 50 guard brigade speed boat in coasts, refuse to give up the sovereignty request of Japan, and keep rate ground warning China:Chinese economy will because of with the point of dispute of Japan depravation but suffer loss.
see more:http://cheapoakleyglass.blogg.de/2012/11/06/quietly-set-up-a-period/


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Thursday, 8 November 2012
Military authority draws up extension dynasty

Korea one well-known scholar the soldier crossed 38 the lines"returned fluently" Korea, and is until Han Jun Shao barracks front just disheveled hair now, therefore the Jing of Han Jun's front line fully defend be pointed to exist a serious problem.According to October 14 of Han Lian She news, after the affairs take place, Ministry of National Defense's this week will announce "Jing in the boundary region fully enhances a comprehensive counterplan", the contents includes to strengthen front wire entanglements and surveillance material and extend general front Shao the scientific Jing have system etc..

  Military authority authorities personage mean on the 14th, will annex to establish wire entanglements, in the wire entanglements top constitution stumbling block and fix wire wholesale sunglasses entanglements, in order to prevent exceed behavior.

  The military authority still keeps watch on extension the electronics of warnning circumstance in the front supervision system, strengthen the surveillance to the dead angle district.Meanwhile, Be medium long-term one of the counterplans, also make use of extension unmanned surveillance material system of GOP scientific Jing have system.The military authority authorities relevant personage also means that scientific Jing have system the reflection is in the budget carry on the project of the extension also the containment is in the middle of synthesizing a counterplan.

  Use the surveillance Shao that the scientific Jing has system internal office keep watch on Jing have robot and long range control armed robot and comprehensive luck camp system etc..Deliver the surveillance appearance to direct control room while keeping watch on Jing to have robot actually, long range control armed the robot carried high-speed Liu of K-4 to play a machine gun, can the attack in time invade of enemy.

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Wednesday, 7 November 2012
The United States is to break big chief culprit of freedom

In fact, the freedom of navigation isn't false to set question.Some nations of so the meeting"say three four", hegemony thinking's doing mischief is main reason, there is still at the same time the reason that international laws loophole and idea disagree aspect.For this, the international society should go to move wholesale sunglasses quickly, the establishment communicates the platform of words, in order to make up international rift, perfect and related law.

  Freedom of navigation not"is false to set question"

  So-called freedom of navigation, mean all various shipses of nations, all have power any district in the open sea Be free to sail, other nations can not take into to interfere with and obstruct.As the guarantee of social normal ocean activity, not only United States wants "freedom of navigation", any nations all hope freedom of navigation.On the history, the factor of influence freedom of navigation is a lot of, natural geography waits "natural calamity", besides which, more is "person's disaster".

  Piracy severity harm open sea sail and safety, the international law treats it as a kind of international criminal offence.The historian thinks that from had boats and ships voyage, existence pirate.The ages that can not carry on an effective management to the ocean at the mankind, the pirate once was seen as"race industry" of nation, it was the means that the poor people made a living, and was the power of the national development.

  The pirate isn't a history phenomenon, its harm to the freedom of navigation exists up to now.In addition to arctic ocean, each ocean of world all has pirate in the activity.Be located in horny Somalia in Africa war since 1991 in disorder continuously, foreland pirate the activity is rampant, listed as one of the most dangerous waterses in the world by the international maritime affairs bureau.In order to avoid its injury, tall ship in all countries or round a far way, or open up new road, while sea transportation safe coefficient is consumedly lowering also increased shipping cost.United Nations drug and crime business office release of"maritime affairs in the world day" report enunciation, only in 2011, pirate in the Cape region oakley sunglasses wholesale of Africa harvests of the ransom amount to USD 170,000,000.Now 1~9 months, the pirate gets this year of the ransom have already been close to USD 30,000,000.

  In addition to pirate outside, as a national behavior, at the sea colonized to exercise to once is the biggest obstacle of freedom of navigation, and directly urged to borned "freedom of navigation" principle.Start from 15th century, Spain and Portugal with lend the forerunner's voyage technique and strong navy's strength, brought about crary blue"turn ground" sport, made the without obstruction ocean become "territory" that colonizes a nation.
see more:http://zomenei.insanejournal.com/973.html?mode=reply


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Tuesday, 6 November 2012
The bond interest rate creates to accelerate tall turnover

In the near future of in the capital market, Long Hu real estate limited company(0960. hks call "Long Hu's real estate" as follows) how many times the Shan turn Teng to move and undoubtedly make the business enterprise that it becomes making people pay attention to rather in the real estate profession.

  In short short[one] month, Long Hu's real estate quickly completes a two margin;But 7, 82 months before now, it spent more than 100000000 dollars 100 to take ground& hellip in the grounds, such as Chongqing, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Dalian and Qingdao...etc. more;…Still sink to immerse in the gradually cheap oakley polarized sunglasses rising again of the building City in majority of building Qis of, Long Hu's real estate has already quietly lifted to soon and quickly repair Cang.

  Low interest margin

  On October 12, Long Hu's real estate declares, success and Hongkong Bank, Standard & Chartered Bank, Ba Ke Lai and Deutsche bank and Morgan Stanley make to purchase agreement and publish the interest rate that expires in 2019 in order to 6.875%ly have the initiative note, have the initiative the income amount of money of note issue as about USD 400,000,000, will used to existing and add real estate item funds, and general business enterprise use.

  According to the introduction, this time issue that has the initiative note got warm response in the capital market and acquired to excess number recognize to buy over 4000%, recognize to buy quantity to be close to USD 13,200,000,000.For satisfying capital market to is the huge need that publishes bond once, Long Hu specially decides to publish amount of money USD 300,000,000 planned by originally increase into USD 400,000,000.Most is worthy of paying attention to BE, having the initiative of Long Hu this time issue note ticket interest, have been similar to the same period central bank basis interest rate, with become available in the market in the harbor of hinterland building Qi annually about 12%-15% margin cost compare, one of its margin cost is also an only the half of condition of the market in the market.The Long Hu's real estate related representative director said that Be received benefit to in the near future invest a market to stimulate, particularly release in the United States new an amount of round turns relaxed measure cheap nba jerseys after, stimulated atmosphere in the market, "issue have the initiative note can make Long Hu hold firmly window way in the market, with reasonable of margin cost, enhance the finance real strenght of group further, excellent turn obligation of structure, and prolong Zhang to expect."

  Less than a month ago September 18, Long Hu completed to become available in the market of go together with for the very first time, collect to support Hong Kong dollar 3,090,000,000.But in April, last year, Long Hu even once completed having the initiative of USD 750,000,000 note margin, the interest rate was 9.5%, and the margin cost was the level of the run by private capital building superior Qi at that time.
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The Lang is salty even


<P> September 18, state statistics bureau publication figure said, August, this year was 70 average prices that greatly win a town to lately set up commercial residential buildings, ring compare rise for 0.06%, rise compare 0.14%s in July have to close narrow, but be still higher than June 0.02% rings compare rise.These are already 70 Average Room rates that greatly win a town continuous third the month appear rise.But before now, the state statisticsed a bureau to release in August of figure display, the whole country was 70 to greatly win a town amid

<!--digest begin--><!- The sequence automatically plugs into related share list start->related utilities trend<ul id="related_stock" class="menuTab" style="padding-bottom: 2 pxes;">< li id=" cn_601857"> Chinese petroleum< li id=" cn_s 600028"> china is petrochemical< li id=" cn_s 000002">ten thousand section As<!- The sequence automatically plugs into related share list end-><!-Digest end->, lately set up in July the commercial residential buildings rate's ring reaches to than the rising town 50, but this figure is only 25 in June, in July rose piece in the town to exceed 6 months ago it with.The figure display, August, 2012 moreover released sur Chinese indes institute for research 9 beginning of month sb, 100 home average price in town(lately set up)s in the whole country are 8738 dollars/square meter, the nfl jerseys ring benelux rises 0.24%, this is after July ring compare rise post - of again rise.

  What to follow is related ministry the Wei and its responsible person the in re building City adjust the concentrate controling to declare.The minister Xie Xu Ren of treasury department said that strictly carry out differential to turn a housing revenue policy, the reinforce trades link and the possess link related revenue enlist flask, steady propulsion personal housing house duty reforms an experimental unit.Hair in the state changes Wei director , Zhang Ping, point out, the second half wants to stabilize a housing market to adjust to control a policy and determinedly refrains a speculative investment demand, practical raise the common article housing especially win small set type housing supply, anticipate an atrium price rebound.

  De facto, the housing adjusts to control already persist annum poly -, everyplace also successive proptosis stand"the limit buy makes" etc. adjust to control measure, but up to now, still difficult see atrium price regression rational level, this actually some the reason why?

  One of the casuses:Don't make the source of fresh fried atrium capital

  Many people filing Wenzhou stir-fries an atrium blastophore, coal boss of Shanxi very angry, think be because these are human to exist, the atrium price would be so high and just make everyone purchase anti rise atrium!Our manufacturing business current average price margin smooth only 5%, if again throw away some other chargeses, our manufacturing business fundamentals don't earn money.Vis - a - vis to say, stir-frying the house is all a 1 points technique 内容es to have no of affair, a good many was an industrial person before, the fundamentals all ran to stir-fry atrium now.Their standpoint fundamental same, all think present this kind of great atmosphere bottom, commit industry again tired again Zheng anti arrive cabbage, stir-fry atrium again in brief, profit again higher -, therefore also all of the incapability blame him.However from a different angle look, some measure that we released in the past also stir-fried an atrium blastophore, coal boss of Shanxi for Wenzhou to have the machine that can ride, for example the time in 2008, for stimulating housing, the central bank is in the annum inside four times down adjust interest rate, the span hits 1.71%.Two suite loans also have the buy atrium the special discount of price of money 7 at sales at the same time.Many invest speculators were exactly to make use of this policy special discount, carried out the object that oneself stir-fries atrium.

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Dote on from argosy

 "China creates the sail mother's combatses to need two time nodes, one is a sail mother per se shape fighting strength of time, probably need 3 years;Two is a Chinese sail mother the escort organize into teams, like 052 D destroyer, new submarine etc., make, time of allocate and shape fighting strength.These two time pluses get up to need 5 years.Therefore projected Chinese sail mother's combatses will form realistic fighting strength after 2017 year agos."Sung loyalty is even toil show is vs 21th centuries:"As for Chinese sail mother technique when can ascend new step, is also two appraisal indices, one is a sail mother combat full shape fighting strength amalgamation accumulation definite technique experience, two is a domestic sail mother and enter water and serve, we will well control sail parental manufacturing technology at that time."

  Sail mother domain chain year where to buy nfl jerseys all capacity measure 30,000,000,000

  At sail parental invest, according to disclose data display, "warship in Liaoning" only repacking expenses more than USD 2,000,000,000.

  Is more important, the sail mother always can't use alone, future sail mother cluster by all means meeting before greater invest.

  The sail mother organizes into teams to involve to include a sail a mother and warship to carry machine, relief a vessel...etc. to fighting unit, is a huge system engineering .A 60,000 tns of medium-sized routine power sail mother, estimate that the burden is about 15,000,000,000 dollars.There have to be warship on the aeroplane carrier carrying then machine canning form fighting strength, 60,000 tn class sail the mother round about can carry 40-50 aeros, so the warship carry machine rate to be about 15,000,000,000 dollars.

  In addition to the sail is female, the sail mother's combatses need several destroyers and escort warship, mine sweeper and submarine to steer an all-directions safeguard again, the routine sail mother has to also have an oil ship feed, then forming one to organize into teams can have fighting strength.Currently 7000 tn classes of russia"modern" destroyer price per unit about 3,800,000,000 dollars is or so, secundum sail the mother organize into teams amid have 10 destroyers and escort warship and supply ship to measure to calculate, the projected costs about 20,000,000,000 dollars.

  Therefore, keeping to measure to constuct a sail mother of integrity to organize into teams to need 64,000,000,000 dollars around on the whole is or so;In addition, whereas sail mother wheel Gang or our country safeguard East China Sea south china sea the requirement of sea weight, if is each to set out a sail mother to Ray ban caravan organize into teams, the gross investment then will amount to about 130,000,000,000 dollars.

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Carry out the balance of risk and repay

In 2011, the residue beats Chinese operating revenue to together compare to increase 22.22%, the interest clean income increases 30.86% and is placed in to stabilize a growth stage.0.36% bad rates 69.4%ly save a loan to compare and make residue beat can effectively develop funds advantage, and can control risk, obtain better risk repay.With this, residue's beating China is reviewed for 《the investor reports 》 is 2012"the best risk management foreign cheap Miami Dolphins jerseys capital bank"s.

  The Standard & Chartered Bank(China) chief risk officer's cow good Geng means while accepting 《investor report 》 interview that the Standard & Chartered Bank established the overall risk management frame of more equilibrium risk and repay, therefore the residue beats China when the business stabilizes a growth, kept a good risk control level.

  Develop business according to the risk hobby

  "The business of the bank essentially be undertake risk and acquire homologous repay.Speak from this meaning, the risk of bank not is more low more good, repay also not is Gao in brief and more is more good.Therefore risk management be not in brief with watch over insurance to decline to lowest is purpose, but want under the decided risk strategy to undertake homologous risk and acquire big profits possibly.The business develops also should not see a large amount of short-term repay, should give attention to both its farsighted influence for bank whole risk.This according to the oneself management of the bank circumstance and business' developing strategy is the risk hobby that we say the risk strategy for drawing up.The risk hobby is defined bank at present the environment of place, consider from the farsighted benefits of the best risk repay balance."The cow good Geng says like this.

  "The risk management of Standard & Chartered Bank is the foundation of total risk hobby in bank up, establish according to the bank of the overall risk management frame carry on.Residue's beating the important characteristics that the breeze controls is independence, the risk management is independence at the wholesale Miami Heat snapback control section out of the business section, exercise its control working talent, be responsible for the risk repay decision quality of bank." The cow good Geng says that program still just daily business of stage in the business no matter in, residue's beating to all every moment keep is inside the scope at the risk hobby.

  The cow good Geng thinks that in times gone by taking charge of dimensionseses will enlarge, will be strengthened to the value of risk management when the economy bottom go.But in the economic time of good situation, usually cause bank's relaxing a risk management to the profits' pursuing, cause the banking system risk significantly increment, and concentrate to present while just going under the economy."History will repeat, only those organizations that truely study from the precept, just can't fall down in the same place."
see more:http://wallinside.com/post-2427088.html


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Monday, 5 November 2012
Silver hundred million share 1,989,000,000 dollars rather the wave take earth

Silver hundred million housing co ltd(the silver is hundred million shares, 000981)s tombstone said last night, all of it supported a subsidiary rather wave silver hundred million housings developed company limited (hereafter referred to"silver hundred million house properties") on the pm of October 11 with 1,989,000,000 dollars Jing must rather realm resource bureau in wave City's trading the stateowned construction of the Yong river east coast nfl jerseys 2012 earth mass of farm out is used an enjoyment.The use of land is commerce finance and town home amalgamation to use earth.
related utilities trend

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EU just probes vs Chinese business

 In response to the survey application, September 6 this year of Solar World, EU proclaims the optics volt component part, key the zero is vs China parts such as Huo card etc. sponsor anti - dumping investigation.In mid- October, anti bounty the survey probably will register for the record.

  The figure suggests that the United States has china optics the volt product export 10% or so market share, Europe is china optics the market in the volt maximum product, the specific gravity is up to 70%.

  English benefit law controller Chen Zhuo said, the decision of American final judgment undoubtedly would make EU just at vs the survey creation of Chinese business impact.He said that non obstante EU is different from american rate of duty computational method,sues of is all Solar World is this business, this business will also hand in result and survey spoilage that the United States recognize to wholesale nfl jerseys EU put to the proof.

  The analyst inside the industry also thinks that the decision of American final judgment will become EU to justify consulting of rate of duty.

  Hair in the state changes the Wei fuel pair bureau chief in research laboratory Li Jun Feng anticipated before now, the United States market took up 10% of the whole inside national glory volt industry export specific gravity, our country optics volt business or will suffer USD 2,000,000,000 loss.And once EU also collects same rate of duty on Chinese business, in re china optics the volt business but speech will be a mortality strike out.(The bell is clear and bright)


  Leave for beautiful setup or curtailment productivity

  Sur the final ruling of us department of commerce, if lose the battery card country of origin that the beautiful component part uses as Chinese mainland outside of region, then won't be collected anti - dumping and anti - subsidy duty.This is Chinese business to evade a large amount of duty tendered a path to set up factory outside the region in china.Is still virtuous have already built up factory in the United States currently, English benefit also seek the hazard of American setup.

  Cut a productivity to also become one of the selects in addition.25% that was still virtuous to notify a curtailment productivity recently spread to 1500 employees.The sky matches optics can in the near future also notify in 1850 supervision employees to carry out a reduce the establishment, cut number about 200.Match Wei LDK notified since this year before now the companies have already reduced staff 5554 people and reduced staff the scale as about 22%.

  English benefit, sky's matching simply canning aim at an us department of commerce final judgment result to all release statement show will continue to establish the United States market yesterday.Sky matches optics to declare to call, non obstante company oppose the final judgment result of us department of commerce, but meet just as since to earth consolidation and business in shape North America.English benefit fuel the chairman of board of directors and CEO seedling connect to living show, American market development potential mint, the company oakley sunglasses cheap establishes continuation the United States market.(The bell is clear and bright)

  Author:Bell clear and bright Chen Wei Qing

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Sunday, 4 November 2012
The southern fund scale enters the final contest ex- three Ases

Recently, sky mutually the hurl attended to announce for three quarters, degree the end fund company management scale placings.(not contain ETF allied connect a fund)The data suggests that up to September 30, our country Mr. collects a total property of fund management the scale attain 2,411,333,000,000 dollars, NRL hats wholesale firster half year of reduce 4,490,000,000 dollars.Is concrete to arrive company, China the fund still reside the first;Southern fund degree in the fourth place of the end then rise to the second from two quarters the scale of 152,164,000,000 dollars.But lead aspect in the growth, the southern fund becomes the growth in the scale first six greatest funds company to lead the tallest company by 14.4% scale growth rates.

  The industry insider points out that southern fund with lends outstanding accomplishment and marketing ability, make a fund scale fast fierce growth.Is whole to come to see, south several underneath fund accomplishments are outstanding, embodied stronger hurl of company to grind real strenght.The intergalactic data suggests that this year, up to September 30, in 257 stock type funds, southern fund 7 stock type funds has 6s before the row 1/2, there are 5s before the row 1/3.At hybrid type fund in, southern optimization growth with 3.85% row the same kind product in the sixth place.At 25 closing type fund in, south's opening a dollar the same kind product in the second place is with 5.26% rows.Fix income accomplishment, the southern fund underneath debt cheap MLB Jerseys property merit continues leading, the first 3 quarter degree total amount the average net worth growth lead more than 9%, can compare to come out in front in the fund company at 60, among them, the much more southern benefit A/C leads by 9.59% and 9.35% net worth growths respectively, at one the class debt rank the second and the fourth in the radicle, the southern wide benefit A/B and southern wide benefit C acquires 10.21% and 9.83% rate of returns respectively, row the same kind type the fund second and in the fourth place.

  In addition to the accomplishment is outstanding, the southern fund not vulgar marketing ability equally performs feats to its scale growth.The A keeps on since this year overcast, the new fund is subjected to this hair scale universal shrinkage, but the southern fund perform exceptionally well on the fund marketing, the underneath product goes against city to sell well for many times.The southern smooth dollar that publishes in July pure debt fund head collects super 8,500,000,000 dollars of scale and becomes since this year Oakleys sport a standard bond fund of collecting the biggest scale.The same period opens to purchase to carry on the south that keeps on a marketing to avoid nearly increase in value a fund, finally at open and expect inside collect exceed the fund quota's upper limit 5,000,000,000, start a judgment day proportion to go together with to sell a mechanism.Moreover, the south manages finance for 14 days, fund namely sells well about 4,000,000,000 at the issue head day, and with head collect scale is super 7,000,000,000 of the result end to collect in advance.

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