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Wednesday, 7 November 2012
The United States is to break big chief culprit of freedom

In fact, the freedom of navigation isn't false to set question.Some nations of so the meeting"say three four", hegemony thinking's doing mischief is main reason, there is still at the same time the reason that international laws loophole and idea disagree aspect.For this, the international society should go to move wholesale sunglasses quickly, the establishment communicates the platform of words, in order to make up international rift, perfect and related law.

  Freedom of navigation not"is false to set question"

  So-called freedom of navigation, mean all various shipses of nations, all have power any district in the open sea Be free to sail, other nations can not take into to interfere with and obstruct.As the guarantee of social normal ocean activity, not only United States wants "freedom of navigation", any nations all hope freedom of navigation.On the history, the factor of influence freedom of navigation is a lot of, natural geography waits "natural calamity", besides which, more is "person's disaster".

  Piracy severity harm open sea sail and safety, the international law treats it as a kind of international criminal offence.The historian thinks that from had boats and ships voyage, existence pirate.The ages that can not carry on an effective management to the ocean at the mankind, the pirate once was seen as"race industry" of nation, it was the means that the poor people made a living, and was the power of the national development.

  The pirate isn't a history phenomenon, its harm to the freedom of navigation exists up to now.In addition to arctic ocean, each ocean of world all has pirate in the activity.Be located in horny Somalia in Africa war since 1991 in disorder continuously, foreland pirate the activity is rampant, listed as one of the most dangerous waterses in the world by the international maritime affairs bureau.In order to avoid its injury, tall ship in all countries or round a far way, or open up new road, while sea transportation safe coefficient is consumedly lowering also increased shipping cost.United Nations drug and crime business office release of"maritime affairs in the world day" report enunciation, only in 2011, pirate in the Cape region oakley sunglasses wholesale of Africa harvests of the ransom amount to USD 170,000,000.Now 1~9 months, the pirate gets this year of the ransom have already been close to USD 30,000,000.

  In addition to pirate outside, as a national behavior, at the sea colonized to exercise to once is the biggest obstacle of freedom of navigation, and directly urged to borned "freedom of navigation" principle.Start from 15th century, Spain and Portugal with lend the forerunner's voyage technique and strong navy's strength, brought about crary blue"turn ground" sport, made the without obstruction ocean become "territory" that colonizes a nation.
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Posted by terminalcables at 9:13 PM EST

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