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Friday, 9 November 2012
Two hawkses make Japan more conservative

Japan's the Liberal Democratic Party of not in power chose last month currently that ex- prime minister Shizo Abe serves as the party's new chief executive officer.It is a parliament election to obstruct what he become a prime minister, for re- holding real power, Shizo Abe knows oneself is on the foreign policy have to than incumbent prime minister wild farmland the good Yan still needs to be like a hawks' person.

  Japan has to hold a parliament election by May, 2013.Though the domestic issue, including endless depression will occupy a certain position,people sink into to stand alone one matter within the scope of region cheap sunglasses to Japan and the misgiving turning worse with China and extremely nervous relation in Korea day by day is most pushing the foreign policy problem to position of showing the Zhao.On this problem, the wild farmland and Anne is vying with each other in hard-liner's certificate that polishes oneself, this means anyway, the foreign policies of Tokyo will become more conservative.

  Wild farmland:The hawks of Chinese problem

  The wild farmland has already proven that oneself is 2009 the Liberal Democratic Party lose a power Japanese Democratic Party taking a post leaders win the most capable 1.He to a large extent repaired and the fracture of the United States, this fracture is the ex- prime minister pigeon mountain that equally comes from Democratic Party results in to°from Ji's man, the pigeon mountain by mistake sank into base in American marine corps, Okinawa to move the crisis that the problem causes.

  Is more important, the wild farmland strengthened to keep duty from doing some and important decision.One side of wild farmland government chooses that the invisible battleplane is the next generation battleplane of Japan, a side adopted a measure modification to keep on very long-term weapon export restriction order.He still approval announced to affirm lately strategic speculation in Japan threatenning the main safety that China is a beginning to expose clues.

  Let actually the wild farmland rises in the world of is exactly a his response for the resolute attitude of China.He has been hawks' person on Chinese problem, Be all know the response of plan in the island of buying of matter Shintaro Ishihara to Tokyos, this summer he hurriedly purchased the sharp Ge of having controversy various island(namely my Diaoyu Island and it subsidiary group of cheap ray-ban sunglasses islands originally the net note) and lent this consolidation this image.This undertaking causes to break out with vigorous conflict in China, this is from the 2010 the middle of the years, country fishing boat and guard brigade boats and ships in Japan coast collided with each other of the second conflict.

  However with different in 2010 BE, wild farmland emolliently the crest lived the pressure of Peking.He sent toward the point Ge various island 50 guard brigade speed boat in coasts, refuse to give up the sovereignty request of Japan, and keep rate ground warning China:Chinese economy will because of with the point of dispute of Japan depravation but suffer loss.
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